Out for a jog

Finally starting to really get over my cold and after all the food and festivies I’m bursting to exercise again. Hopefully I’m not getting too fat from all the good food here?

Alex has no full length mirrors, only a face height mirror so I have no idea how my body looks, lol! Nor does he have any scales so I’m absolutely blind to what the effects of the food might be having. Hopefully with all the holidays nearly over and my cold over we can get into the gym a bit aswell.

So I went for a jog tonight, despite it being freezing cold outside, and cuz Alex has come down with the cold I have had he just rode his bike alongside me. I didn’t think I’d make it very fair, I thought I’d jog about 100m and fall in a heap. However I felt quite energetic and enjoyed the jogging, but eventually I felt pain in my hip flexors which is the result of the pregnancy hormones, so I had to stop and walk a bit. I could have continued jogging for a while if it wasn’t for my hips. I guess they’re getting ready for birth, not for running around……grrrr.