War zone

I feel like I’m in a war zone at the moment, the number of fire crackers going off has increased to every few seconds! I’ve gotten used to it now though to the point it doesn’t scare me anymore and make me think a gun has gone off.

We stopped off at the supermarket briefly before getting ready to go to Ben’s (and family) tonight for Oliebollen. We’ll have to come home early around 9pm cuz apparently it’s not safe to drive on New Years Eve. Alex tells me that the fireworks and firecrackers are so bad that they damage your car so you have to close all the windows in your house and stay inside.


Tonight we went to dinner at a friend of Alex’s, Ieke and her partner Andre. Ieke is vegetarian and since I’m not really a huge meat eater I really enjoyed the vegetarian meal we had for dinner.

After dinner, MORE Oliebollen (I’m gonna get so fat from these) and then I got introduced to the game Machiavelli. This is actually a pretty cool game, although not the easiest to follow in dutch. They teased me for taking too long to decide, but it was bloody hard trying to translate the cards (I had an English list I wrote next to me) plus with them trying to explain the rules to me at the same time I was deciding…….arrrrgggh. But it was fun as I got into the gist of it.

It got a bit hard for me when I got one of the purple cards which are special cards and are only explained in dutch. These cards you should really keep private as they can help you win the game, however I had to reveal my card to the others just so I could get it translated. I was losing anyway, so it didn’t matter a whole lot really, lol.

In the end, I continued to lose, and I lost quite grandly ­čśë

I’m so gonna get that game when I get back to Adelaide…..apparently it’s available in English. Who wants to play it with me? ­čśŤ