Getting a cold

I haven’t been sick in ages, but I guess all the travelling has finally weakened me and I’m starting to get a cold. I hope I don’t get too sick! Maybe that’s why I’m feeling the cold so bad, cuz you’re more sensitive when you’re sick.

Today we went shopping and also purchased a Christmas tree….like the real one’s that is European tradition. There weren’t many places left selling them so we didn’t have a lot of choice when buying one. As it was we got a fairly good quality one that was quite expensive, however we got charged less for it somehow? Seems we paid 25 euros instead of 30 euros (I haven’t learnt how to do the euro sign on this keyboard yet). While we were walking around the garden centre I couldn’t believe that I actually saw clogs for sale! I thought that was just an old touristy thing. Didn’t realise they actually still buy and wear them!


After we got the tree home Alex challenged me to driving his car. I gave it a go, jumped in the other side, kept trying to grab for the gear stick with my left hand groping at the door, haha! I only drove around the small streets that make up around his apartments, I’m so not game enough yet to drive on the roads. Maybe one day soon when I’m not quite so tired and I can concentrate better 🙂 It was all a bit of fun though although Alex got scared when I kinda went over one of the (harmless in my opinion) curbs around the corner! 😛

We had plans to go to the gym in the evening so we ate before going out. I made Alex my chickpea salad that I thought he’d have no hope of liking, but he actually liked it (minus the olives)!

We finally made the trip to the gym for my first foreign gym class! Went to balance tonight as I was hanging out for a stretch. I was quite surprised at how late their classes go as this class was from 9pm-10pm! Alex introduced me to the instructor and she announced me to the class, haha. At that point that was the last thing I understood as the rest was in dutch. I have to say that’s an incredible experience doing a class when I didn’t understand a word of it! At least I remembered most of the chorrey, but as she was mixing with old releases my memory was a bit rusty in places. Without understanding her at all she seemed to be a very good instructor with lots of visual cues and corrections amongst the participants and she had a great connection and projected an incredibly caring personatity.

Then after the gym……..the cold cold cold bike ride home again! arrrgggh

One thought on “Getting a cold

  1. no wonder you got a cold riding a bike in this weather, im surprised you ass aint frozen to the saddle, lol

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