Quieter day

I rested for quite a bit of the day today as this cold seems to have gotten worse and it’s really taken it out of me. I’d have spurts of energy that would only last barely an hour but yet haven’t been able to sleep well though. I think I’m mainly over the jetlag, but I guess I just feel really run down now.

The Christmas tree we bought was down in the storage room (as recommended by the garden centre – the tree has come from freezing temps, so they say to store it overnight first so it can adjust gradually to the warm) and so Alex prepared the tree by cutting off the base etc, while I tried to snooze. Later we decorated the tree together which is again another European tradition.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

In the afternoon we went to Alex’s work and he showed me around. There was some kids play on which we saw a bit of which obviously I couldn’t understand a single word of. I got pretty tired and exhausted after walking around for a bit, so we went home again where I surrendered to the couch while Alex prepared the spaghetti that I was going to make for him……..I gave him instructions while I laid in a coma, haha.

Still, despite feeling so unwell I still got myself together for combat in the evening. There’s only 1 combat class at the gym so I couldn’t miss that! Thankfully Alex drove me to the gym though instead of riding the bike in the cold. The combat class was great, although I struggled and felt myself pretty out of breath. Still, I was determined to give it a go and I have to say that following combat in another language was even harder than following balance. Although I was really lucky I remember most of the chorrey, although the warmup was lost on me. It was the warmup from BC31, so not from long ago but I just didn’t remember it. It was quite amusing at one point during track 4 (Listen to the Bagpipes) the instructor must have cued everyone to stop but of course without understanding the language I kept going as per the chorrey. Alex also did the chorrey, but the instructor had made a mistake. The instructor stopped, the entire class stopped, we were doing the knees and everyone looked at us, the instructor looked us……then we looked at each other and stopped. It was quite funny! Normally I would follow instructors despite whether it’s a mistake or not, however doing combat in dutch brings a whole knew meaning to “precueing”for me! ­čść

Anyway, need to rest up and get a good sleep as we’re heading off to Germany tomorrow for a Christmas thingy. So I get to go into another country, yeehaa. Another “travel location” I can add to my Facebook ­čÖé

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  1. ahh, Bagpipes, one of my favs, just love it, wonder if Alex remembered the dancey bit from the 10 hour bc challenge, lol


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