Machiavelli (Citadels)

I have finally found this game in English!

Alexander did a bit of hunting online and managed to find for me the English name of this game which is Citadels. That made my search a little bit easier. So I looked on and figured I could buy it from there (as it was available there). However after I started my order, I discovered that while the game was around $20, and the expansion pack was about $9………however the postage was going to be over $50!!!!

So I decided I might try and look for the game in a local store first.

The game comes with the expansion with it, but I think I might start with just the original characters to begin with, although the additional characters look like they could be fun, just for something different. I’ll have to schedule a Machiavelli night with my friends soon!

Just gotta wait for the Oliebollen now…… appears that Alexander and I left it in a bag in the boot of his car and forgot all about it 😳 but he has now posted the mix for me, so hopefully won’t be long before we get it.

2 thoughts on “Machiavelli (Citadels)

  1. your forgot to mention that someone also packed some actual oliebollen in there…

    by the time I found them (almost 2 months later) they had evolved into something I still have nightmares from….

    I was sure, I saw the bag moving too lol

  2. yikes, I can’t believe we left that stuff in the car! lol

    Are you still having nightmares hun? I’m glad I didn’t see what they’d turned into!

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