To whom it may concern…

From: Mel
To: Microsoft Windows Updates
Subject: Reboot

To whom it may concern,

No I DON’T wish to reboot just yet……….now leave me the hell alone!!!!!┬á

Not-So-Kind regards,
Annoyed Windows User

6 thoughts on “To whom it may concern…

  1. I feel you.

    I hate that thing. It reboots sometimes while I’m asleep and that is just so annoying…

    Also hate it when you’ve installed updates and that prompt never stops showing up!

  2. Isn’t it so annoying! I’m sure there’s thousands of people frustrated by it. If I click “Reboot later” that means I want to REBOOT LATER, not be interrupted by the prompt every 10 mins (while I’m in the middle of typing an email) to check if I really meant “later” and how much later did I mean?

    grrrrr ­čĹ┐

  3. ANOYING!!!! I’m so glad I got back to windows 2000. Stable, no blue screens *sigh* and doesn’t asked to be rebooted and then repeating the question every minute. Exit XP for me ­čÖé

  4. The most annoying thing is when that pops up and you hit the keystrokes in a certain order and it activates the “Restart Now” button. Damn the man! Did that at work on Thursday with the XP updates.

    I think Vista is more behaved actually – I don’t get prompts like that, or if I do they disappear… I don’t know. I’m so vague right now… anyway…

  5. oh yes I’ve done that before too! Isn’t it so irritating!

    I’ve only tried a little bit of vista……..only prob is it seems to be very slow.

    It was Alexander’s laptop that I toyed around with it, and although he had an English version of Vista, a lot of the software was in Dutch. Now THAT is interesting, trying to find your way around in Dutch! It’s interesting getting error messages not knowing which button is “ok” or “cancel”!!!! ­čść

  6. AMEN!

    I hate windows just rebooting because it wants to…
    I run windows only downloading the updates, and I choose when to install and reboot that way!

    Smile all.


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