Well, I’m very disappointed to say that since participating in combat I have now been told that apparently I’m not allowed to participant in classes until 6 weeks after giving birth, nor will I be allowed to teach.

I had planned on going back to teaching a few classes, maybe balance or pump, just a few weeks after birth if all went well……….but now it seems not only am I not allowed to teach till 6 weeks, but that I’m not going to be allowed to return at all prior to me going to The Netherlands……..the reason being “there’s no point”.

Without going into details, I’ve decided it’s a political matter that I’m not going to bother pursuing, however I’m still pretty upset that they can assume that they can prevent me from participating. I have absolutely no intention from stopping participating, since that is blatant discrimination. I know many members who’ve participated in classes soon after birth and they have not been prevented from going to classes.

First class back

Last night Alexander and I did combat together, for me being my first class back since giving birth. I took it easy and did all low impact, because despite being told I could continue exercise at the same level I was doing prior to giving birth, I was warned to be careful of any impact exercise.

So taking care, it was awesome to move again…..although a little depressing with how much fitness I’ve lost. I found it a little hard to enjoy it for this reason, but hopefully I’ll get back into it soon.

Adelaide Workshop

I went along to the Adelaide workshop today but only to pick up my DVD materials. I had registered for the workshop just in case, and it works out possibly cheaper than paying postage and the higher price for the DVD’s anyway.

As it turned out I was still too fatigued and slow and not ready to do classes yet. Maybe I could have managed balance, but I didn’t feel up to it. It was great to briefly say hi to the few people I saw at the workshop though.

The saddest thing for me is I have now broken my perfect track record of never missing a single workshop. This is the first workshop I have not been able to attend since first becoming an instructor in December 2003.

Connor Simon Huikeshoven – 16 May 2008

Although I’ve had a seperate pregnancy blog and now that blog is also dedicated to Connor’s growing up as well (should change the colour to some blue background though before Alexander notices that it’s still pink), but I can’t go without mentioning the birth of our beautiful baby boy here aswell.

It’s such a special experience to have a child.

Last classes

I’ve been gradually winding down the number of classes that I teach over the last couple of months, and tonight I announced that it’d be the last time teaching my Pump/Balance combo at Goodlife (formerly known as Zest). I feel proud that I’ve managed to come this far, but with only a week left to go before my due date, it’s time to stop for now ­čśë

I’ve only got one more balance class left to teach on Thursday at Fernwood and then I’m done.