Tonight I finally did my first bodyattack back from having my baby and I managed to survive! I did a mix of high and low impact, mainly cuz I didn’t want to go too hard the first time back and find out I can’t walk the next morning. As it turned out, my hips only hurt slightly the next morning which is pretty good.

I couldn’t do my next weigh in, because Alex’s scales have broken. So we’ll be buying a new set soon, hopefully a good one that does fat % as well. We’re not really sure the other scales were that accurate anyway, so I won’t have a good idea where we’re at till we get the new ones.

BBQ aka “Terras Monique” ….take 2

Finally we have returned from the BBQ at John’s, and this time we got the right weekend, lol. Because I met John last weekend, that meant the only people there I was yet to meet was Keyla and the rest of Vicki‘s family. Sigma, Vicki, Janne and Rien I had met previously when I came to The Netherlands last time.

It was a wonderful relaxing time catching up. Lots of booze was drunk, except for myself and Vicki (and the kids, lol). Friday night started off with dinner, then BODYSTEP at Shape. Vicki, Rien, John, Keyla, Alexander and myself did step followed by a late evening drinking and talking. I went to bed about 3.30am which left John, Sigma and Alexander still talking. As we had to get up early the next morning for balance, that left John with about 2 hours sleep, Alexander with 1 hour sleep and Sigma with none. Needless to say many of them ended up having a snooze the next afternoon. I only did Balance at Shape in the morning, although some of them also did Pump.

In the evening we kicked off the BBQ with some others from John’s mensa group arriving. It was hot (which loved but everyone else hated) and then thunder and lightening came followed by plenty of rain. John was left standing in the rain cooking the BBQ with an umbrella.

John\'s BBQ - last man standing

Sunday was a late breaky, shopping (I bought a nice bag at the Nike outlet, woohoo) and dinner at a Turkish restaurant. Since they only had dutch menu’s……I relied on Alexander to choose a couple of dishes I might like and translate those for me. I ended up having a REALLY yummy meatball dish that was also REALLY REALLY hot. I do like hot food, and I can handle a fair bit of chilli, but this dish certainly challenge the tolerance of my tastebuds for fire (I hope Connor likes spicy food, lol).

Finally we said our goodbyes and drove home……….this time with all our headlights. It was sad to say goodbye, but this time I know I’ll definately see everyone again!


Tonight Alexander and I asked his sister to mind Connor for us so that we could both go to the gym to do BODYCOMBAT. It was a great class and it was nice to be combatting next to my husband again 🙂

We did the latest release of course, cuz they’re not mixing at the gym yet, and the instructor did an awesome job. Much better than the previous instructor last time I was here. I believe she is still teaching the class though apparently, but the guy who was teaching tonight was just a fill in.

I’m still loving this release, it’s an awesome release!

To note down what I’ve also done as part of my training program, I also did BODYSTEP yesterday morning and BODYBALANCE in the evening.


Tonight it was Alexanders turn to do classes and do step in the evening, so as soon as he got home I went to the gym ealier to try out the pilates class.

The class reminded me of why I love Les Mills so much. It wasn’t a BAD class, but I did get bored quickly, and in my opinion some of the exercises I did consider unsafe. An example was a move where we did a full cobra and then let go with our arms rapidly and swung down into a position where we had our arms and legs extended and lifted (back extension type move). As it is in BODYBALANCE we no longer lift both the arms and legs at the same time, because in a group fitness situation this can be unsafe. So not only did we do both arms and legs at the same time, but we also swung into that position from a cobra. Not something I’d personally recommend even to advanced participants!

But I have to say that the classes at the gym are helping me pick up Dutch words. During the class everything was “Adem in en Adem out” and “boekspeiren” (spelling???).

That’s a couple of extra words to my vocabulary (which is pretty limited at the moment).


Well tonight I decided to try out attack, even thought I think it might be a bit much for my hips at the moment (running and bodypump seem to aggravate me), but there wasn’t really any other classes I wanted to do, so I decided that I could do low impact if necessary.

But when I got there it turned out the instructor was sick and they couldn’t get a replacement, so they had RPM instead. I was nearly going to go into the gym room instead and do my own cardio workout, but then I grudgingly decided to give RPM a go.

I guess this was the best RPM class I’ve ever done, the instructor was very very good…..or at least seemed to be as he was talking dutch most of the time. But as I introduced myself to him before the class, he new I spoke English and also new I didn’t know much about RPM, so when necessary he reverted to English for me during the class which was very nice. He’s the first instructor who has done that!

I can’t say I’m converted, but the class was good (for an RPM class) and I did get a workout. I have changed my mind on one point though. I used to think in RPM it was possible to “coast” during the class, so it required your own motivation to turn up the dial. Whereas, say with attack, if you just follow the moves (even with bad technique) you’ll still get a workout. RPM’ers in the past had tried to say “no, you can’t coast, it’s a hard class, blah blah”. But I didn’t believe them.

I now realise they were right. Even if you take it easy, if you just follow the class and do RPM how you’re supposed to (standing up, sitting down, sprinting etc), you WILL get a workout.

However next week I do hope the attack instructor is back 😉

Training program

So this weekend I weighed myself and I’ve managed a great start with a drop in 1.5kg in the first week. I haven’t been calorie cutting at all, just replacing my diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, so this should be a sensible weight loss. I did a BODYBALANCE class this morning, because with my hip instability balance is really helping sort my body out and getting me more flexible again.

I’ve added a graph now to my side bar, in the yellow section on the left, which will track my weight and my goal of reaching my previous weight of 73kg.

BBQ aka “Terras Monique”

Well, yesterday morning we packed our bags to go to John’s place for the BBQ weekend which has become famous amongst the Dutch forumers. We were the first to arrive, and I thought John was joking when he said we got the wrong weekend.

But no, Alexander and I had screwed up, I guess with the jetlag and all. But John invited us to stay for a drink anyway and we later stayed for dinner. 3am the next morning we finally left……Alexander had drunk a truckload of coffee and we discovered at a really bad time that neither of Alexanders headlights worked. His parking lights worked and the highbeam were fine…..but no normal lights, ugh. Sooooo, we drove home with highbeam and turning the highbeam off everytime we passed a car. I thought at that time of the morning there’d be less cars on the road than there were, but well……I guess this is Europe, they do have a higher population here.

We were looking forward to getting off the smaller roads and onto the bigger freeways where they are all lit up by street lights, but for some strange reason, all the street lights were off? So no help there either! But we did eventually get home safely.

Cross trainer and Balance

Back at the gym again and this time I headed to the gym a bit before balance to get in 20 mins on the cross trainer before doing balance.

It was interesting trying to use the cross trainer, since most of the instructions are in Dutch……ugh. But I kept pressing buttons until finally I got it working the way i wanted. I did 8 mins or so on level 10, then I started doing intervals to get my heart rate right up…….20 secs at level 18, then 40 secs at level 6. I did that for a while till eventually I just did the last 4 mins (before balance) at level 10 again. I was a good effort to start off with, but I think I need to raise the bar soon to get good results.

Balance was the latest release which I haven’t done yet. Now this is one Les Mills class where they don’t seem to use many English words, but it’s easy enough to follow along visually. I really needed the stretch as my body is so tight and muscles are painful. I wish I could get to more balance classes but there seems to be only 2 classes I can get to, but that’s only if Alexander doesn’t want to do balance aswell. Ah, so that’s what it’s like to be a normal participant again! I’m so used to doing 5 or more balance classes per week.

Tonight Alexander will be doing combat, so I plan to go in a bit earlier and do my own workout and I’m umming and ahhhing over the pilates class that’s on eariler. My core strength is pretty trashed and I don’t want to be too sore for the upcoming BBQ at John’s this weekend (which will include some Les Mills).


Alexander helped me sign up at the gym yesterday, but we didn’t actually do any classes, however tonight I went in on my own to do BODYSTEP (while Alexander fixed the washing machine which wasn’t draining properly). Since I don’t usually do step, I was a bit concerned about how I’d go following a class in Dutch, however I ended up being surprised at how many of the cues were in English. There a few moves I couldn’t follow without stopping to watch, but most of it I kept up with, and out of the 2 instructors on stage one of the instructors was excellent with visual cues. You really get to appreciate good visual cues when you’re doing a class in another language!

Another thing that surprised me was at how much I actually enjoyed step. I’ve never really enjoyed step, not because of the class but cuz I’ve always hated the music. Normally step trashes perfectly good songs and turns them into chipmunk girly lollipop songs, but this release (BODYSTEP 72) is awesome!!!!

So that makes a start to my training program. Why did I start with step, some of you may ask? Well since I’ve lost so much fitness and put on lots of weight I need lots of cardio. I plan on doing pump and weights aswell, but I’m having some hip and butt muscle trouble following my pregnancy, so I want to start with cardio. But out of the classes there’s limited cardio on the timetable.

I don’t dare to do jam in Dutch, I can’t stand RPM, I’m not ready for the onslaught of attack and there’s only 1 combat class on the timetable, which Alexander and I are finding it difficult for both of us to get to since one of us has to mind the baby. So BODYSTEP it was.

If the music always stayed this good I could possibly be bribed into teaching it one day if necessary.

Fixed blog – Reported Attack Site

I’ve had a few reports of people saying this blog has been reported as an atttack site and that anti-viruses show a trojan when browsing this page. I’m not 100% sure what has happened, but I can only assumed that the WordPress blog software has been compromised somehow.

So, what I have done is downloaded the latest version of wordpress and upgraded to it from both my blogs, completely replacing the previous installations of the software. Hopefully this should solve any problems.

For now the site will still display as a “Reported Attack Site” within Firefox, but I have requested a review and hopefully this will be cleared up soon.

First weigh in

As promised it’s Monday morning and I did my first weigh in on the scales.

Weight: 88.5kg

I would also like to take measurements with the tape measure aswell, but this will have to be post-poned as we don’t currently have a tape measure. Yesterday Alexander and I went for quite an extended walk and tonight we will hopefully get me registered at the gym, although there’s a lot of important things we still need to do with registering Connor’s birth and our marriage here in The Netherlands and applying for residency for myself asap, but we will not postpone the gym for too long.

Training schedule to return to fitness

Since giving birth to Connor I’ve discovered I’ve put on a lot more weight than I would have liked, and I haven’t managed to lose much in the 2 months since then. With lots of stress going on, it was hard to get into a routine, even though I did do quite a few classes, taught a couple of combats and balance and even did a pump/balance combo. With little motivation it’s been difficult though to make a big difference as well as the fact that Alexander has led me astray a bit when it comes to healthy eating and I’ve lost my old good habits.

So we made a deal that on returning to The Netherlands we’d aim at trying to achieve a junk food free household… least for a couple of months till I get back on track.

So my training program is going to start here, with about 17 kg to lose. I’ll weigh in on Monday’s starting this Monday, and chart myprogress online to ensure I stay on track. I do have to be careful of course as I am breastfeeding, but I can lose weight safely as long as I continue to eat enough healthy foods. I plan to mainly cut out unhealthy food andyy commence a regular exercise program.

I did try jogging this morning, with 1 minute intervals between walking and jogging, but I can tell my body isn’t ready for jogging yet. It caused me a bit of pain through the hip area which is a result of the pregnancy hormones which can stick around for up to 6 months. I need to find another way to get my heart rate up, because my heart rate was falling too much each time I walked and I could only get it up to about 150 bpm and walking it was only around 120bpm. I’d like to keep it up above 150bpm for longer periods of time.

So on Monday we’ll hopefully get me registered at the gym and I can start a training schedule for  myself based around classes and maybe using cardio equipment and weights. Alexander and I have agreed, that Saturday will be a day off with our chance to go out or enjoy some less healthy foods.

Back in Apeldoorn

After many stressful days packing and trying to finalise everything and sort out stuff, we’ve finally arrived back here in The Netherlands after a relatively uneventful flight. We had a flight to Kuala Lumpar, with a 3 hour stopover and then direct to Amsterdam from there.

You get looked after pretty well on the plane when you have a baby and on the first leg we had the bulkhead seats in the middle section where there’s 5 seats, with us taking 2 of the seats, an empty seat in the middle and another 2 ladies with babies taking up the seats on the other side. We got fed first and Connor had a little mini seatbelt attached to my seatbelt during takeoffs and landings.

When we were at Adelaide airport checking in, we got a little concerned about whether I’d have problems with customs arriving in The Netherlands. Connor and Alexander both have Dutch passports, so they have no issues, however for me one of the requirements is that I had to have a return ticket within 3 months or a visa to be able to stay longer. It’s all a bit complicated, but you can only travel in Europe for up to 3 months without a visa, however I was not able to apply for a visa for extended stay from Australia. I was told I could only apply for this once in The Netherlands. But when booking my tickets I was informed that I must book a return ticket within the 3 months otherwise they may not let me into the country at customs.

So, when checking in at Adelaide the lady checked my return ticket and she became concerned because my ticket was a few days over 90 days. Apparently the return ticket must be within 90 days, which is a bit different from 3 months! In the end she let me through and said “I should be okay” because it was only a few days out. This wasn’t hugely reassuring!

Anyway, as it turned out I didn’t need to worry and it was a bit alarming actually at the relative slackness of customs. When leaving Kuala Lumpar I accidently handed over both Connor’s Australian and Dutch passports. I got his Aussie passport mixed up with mine. I didn’t realise until AFTER I got through customs when I was putting the passports away. They let me through without checking my passport!

Then when arriving in Amsterdam, they only did the usual checks of mine and Connor’s passports (this time I handed them the correct passport), but there was no check of my tickets or my length of stay or anything. Seems in Australia they are far more picky, which of course Australian customs are much tougher.

At the baggage collection we were unsure of where our pram would arrive as I didn’t think it would come out of the usual section. So I enquired at the desk and they pointed where I needed to go…….Alexander and I laughed when we realised that we were standing directly under the sign that said “Odd-sized baggage”.

Back at Alex’s apartment it’s strange, because I recognise things but it all looks so different. It’s green and flowers everywhere, leaves on the trees. It’s hard for me to spot the old familiar sights as it is apparently summer now, although you wouldn’t know it while wearing a jacket and long pants!

View outside Alex’s apartment



Last years winter view

Family Reunion

Family Reunion 

Back on Mothers’ Day when Alexander met just a couple of my Dutch aunties at Belair National Park, we decided to organise a family reunion so he could meet the family. Since my cousin Angie (Anjelica) is also in a relationship with a guy from Switzerlands (Fabian) we decided to also use the opportunity for him to be there aswell.

He only arrived back in Adelaide on 4th July and with Alexander and I leaving on the 10th July that only left one weekend to hold the reunion.

With having quite a strong Dutch heritage (all my aunts and uncles were born in Amsterdam except for the youngest auntie, and there’s 10 of them all up) our Dutch family can be quite intimidating for the aussie bloke to meet. However for Alexander he was right in his element. He had a bit of fun chatting in Dutch to my aunts and uncles, and chatted to Fabian in Dutch and then surprised him by also talking in German. Ugh, all this bi-lingual/tri-lingual stuff……driving me crazy! 😆

When it comes to speaking Dutch, my vocabulary is still very limited. It seems the only sentence I can remember how to say is “I am tired”, but this also sounds similar pronounciation to “I am beautiful” and guess which one I always make the mistake of saying, haha.

Anyway, hopefully in the near future we’ll get to catch up with Fabian and Angelica in Europe and perhaps I’ll eventually get to meet some of my extended family over there.

More piccies on Facebook: 1  2

Our going away party

Going away party

I would like to thank all those that came to the Mawson Lakes Hotel for dinner with us for our final weekend here in Australia. Most of our friends were there and I apologise if there was anyone I didn’t really get to talk to on that night. With so many people there it was hard to get around to everybody.

For Connor it was his first night out with so many people and being handled by so many, and since he’d also just had his vaccinations the day before he was at some points a little grizzly. So don’t feel bad anyone who held him and he cried!

Thanks also to those who took pictures and gave us gifts, although thankyou also for not giving us too much stuff that we wouldn’t be able to take. For many of our friends you have given us greater gifts with your help over the past few weeks and babysitting etc.

I can’t believe it’s all so close now, there’s still so much packing to do and things to finalise. I hope we get it all done in time!