Hard as nails

Well here’s one pretty positive thing about Apeldoorn. Apparently were sitting on a huge source of iron here.

And suddenly my nails have become really strong which I haven’t had for 15 years. I first remember when my nails went terrible and flakey, I was about 17 and my nails would split and flake away, just like nail polish. Obviously putting on nail polish wasn’t a great idea, it never lasted long and there was no way I could grow them at all.

I’ve also suffered from fatigue for years, but no blood test has ever showed anything wrong and iron levels, even though they were low, they were still normal.

But I did a little google the other day, and I discovered that not only are weak nails and tiredness symptoms of iron deficiency, but also cracks in the corners of the mouth. I used to regularly get this aswell.

So now that I’m drinking the fresh yummy water of Apeldoorn (anyone from Adelaide will understand how fantastic this is!), my nails have gone rock hard and now I’m looking forward to losing the rest of the symptoms………..hopefully ­čśë

Drove on my own again

Now that I’ve made my debute, I felt confident to have another go at driving on my own…….this time to my massage appointment. The way is pretty easy, it’s mainly straight down this single road.

I did well getting there, although I wasn’t 100% sure about the right turn off, so I ended up going straight ahead and had to go all the way around the roundabout to head back. One more u-turn and then I found the right place and parked the car (meanwhile trying to make sure car is moving before turning steering wheel…….a skill I’m not used to using).

Needless to say the massage was fantastic.

Heading home it was dark this time and I was doing spendidly until the last roundabout before home, where I accidently took the wrong exit without releasing. The next left turn and I start thinking “woah, where am I?”

So ANOTHER u-turn (let car move, THEN turn steering wheel)┬áand I’m back on track. ­čÖé

Traditional Italian Pizza

Alexander took me to a a tradional italian pizza place this afternoon for lunch. Quite different from Aussie pizza as we know it. All fresh foods and very good quality though………the only thing I’m not used to is the low number of ingredients. But was very yum all the same ­čśë

Alexander’s bike stolen

As the title suggests, this afternoon Alexander’s bike got stolen. It didn’t take long, he was only gone a few minutes and bam, it was gone.

So he rang me and we had 3 options:

– Alexander walks home
– I ride my bike in and we try and ride back together, with Connor (not the safest option)
– I drive in on my own (on the OTHER side of the road) and pick him up

hmmmm, well we went for option 3. So for the first time I drove into the city of Apeldoorn, about a 10 min drive (no freeways thankfully……not ready for them yet), and I’m proud to say I’m managed pretty well. Had to do 1 u-turn when I missed the turn off, and when I got close I got a bit lost, but luckily Alexander saw me sitting at the traffic lights and walked over to me and took over driving to park the car at that point.

I have to say, driving on my own and finding my way there has boosted my confidence a little bit. Somehow when I try to drive here I forget that I’m an experienced driver. Somehow that all seems to go to bits when your not only on the other side of the road, but the gear shift is on the other side, the indicator and window wipers are reversed. I’m not going to count the number of times the windows got cleaned while I was turning corners! ­čść

Everynow and then when I’m concentrating on something else, I still end up grabbing for my door handle instead of the gear shift.


Well haven’t really lost much weight in the last month, but I have been getting fitter though. It is difficult, because I can’t exercise at the intensity I would like to due to back pain and hip problems as a result of the hormones from pregnancy. I’ve even had a niggling pain in my heel and the last thing I need right now is achilles problems!

Despite that I have done quite a few attack classes, because that was the most convenient class to get to. However I’ve backed off doing attack the last week and switched to pump instead. For two reasons, 1) I really really dislike this attack release (BA61 – friggen hairspray and black betty…….they are currently my 2 most hated songs at the moment) and here they only mix the last 2 weeks before the launches, so I’m stuck with this crappy release and 2) my body is hurting too much after attack (not the exercise kinda hurt, but injury kinda hurt).

In comparison, the current pump release (BP66) is pretty good, however I’m still not sure about this whole doing the same release for nearly 3 months bizzo.

I can’t teach here yet, because it seems I need to be able to speak dutch first, so I have to focus harder on learning the language. Not easy going I tell ya, but I’m learning new words everyday.