EUROMAD III is a charity event which began in 2004 with members of the forum meeting up for Les Mills classes and raising money. This event is held in Malvern and organised mainly by Shirl (forum name: SenS) and assisted by many other members.

This time around, since I’m currently living in Europe, it is my first opportunity to actually attend this event and meet the people that I’ve known so much about online all this time.

Shirl was looking for someone to help her with a website for this event, and since I’m currently a stay at home mum with my little boy I offered to create the site. The website for EUROMAD III is now available online.


Finally Alexander have got ourselves his and her iPhones…….complete with a pink cover for mine and a black/red one for Alexander (at least we can tell them apart now).

The iPhones have so many features and apps. Spending time “app hunting” now, some paid, some free. I love the google maps feature and GPS which really helps someone like me living in a different country. I love the way my contacts auto sync with Outlook over the wifi without me even connecting the iphone. This is absolutely awesome. I can add a new contact on the PC, and without me even finding my phone I know it’ll be syncronised and added to the phone.

The one thing I’d say that is lacking is a set of good quality in built speakers. Of course it’s always possible to put the headphones in like you’d do with an ipod anyway, but still i think the speakers could be better.

Site fixed

Just a few days ago we upgraded the database of my websites to a virtual private server to try and cope with some of the speed issues. This transfer “should” go without a hitch however it appeared that something corrupted the database for just after this transfer.

And after pouring over mysql documentation, learning how to log into the database through a telnet session, discovering I couldn’t fix the tables via the telnet session, then finding the sql command for ‘REPAIR TABLE tablename’, THEN finally I individually typed the command for each table that was corrupted……


Only after I did all that I discovered this in GUI of myphpadmin:

  Database GUI

Sick with the flu

I’ve had a sore throat for over a week, but now it’s fully hit me and I’m completely sick with the flu. It’s already been a week since I’ve been to the gym (that mega pump/combat double was my last class). Hopefully it’ll pass in a couple of days…

VISA granted

Woohoo, we received our letter today that my Visa has been granted for me to stay and work here. They told us that it could take up to 6 months, however they actually approved it from within 2 weeks of us finalising the application!



Since I’ve done a few pump classes now and some of the tracks were starting to get easier, I decided it was time to take my weights up a little bit. I’m still way off my old pre-pregnancy weights, but it felt good to just nudge them up a little.

Needless to say my legs were shaking. That’s where I seem to be having the most trouble and feel the weakest, in my legs. Even in the back track my legs shake from being exhausted in the squat track.

I got to the end of the class and I felt very satisfied that I had pushed myself very hard (without over doing it). Then after the class the lady next to me (who has been very nice to me everytime I see her at the gym) said “are you going to stay for combat?”

I was like, “what? Isn’t it attack that is next?”

She told me that the attack instructor was sick and they couldn’t find a replacement so they put combat on instead.

Since there’s only 1 combat class per week, and both Alex and I can’t go at the same time, I just HAD to stay. But this was going to be a challenge. I haven’t gotten fit enough for doubles yet (except if it’s balance) so this was the first time I’d be doing a tough double.

I was shaking even in the warmup, and I was shaking every single track but I pushed myself throught it. I was glad to be able to get 1 last chance at doing BC36 cuz I quite like that release and haven’t gotten a chance to do it much.

Needless to say today I am VERY sore and I expect it to get worse….. 😉

Google Chrome

A new browser is now out to compete with Internet Explorer and Firefox and the others. Alexander came home today and told me all about the new browser that Google has just released. After he told me a bit about it, I was virtually converted………but not before I installed it to try it. 

After installing it it was immediately evidence that many sites do run much faster………especially Facebook. I also tested since that site has always been notoriously slow for me. 

Yes definately faster.

OK I’m converted 🙂

World of Warcraft

I have recently found the joys of World of Warcraft, an online interactive 3D game. I normally can’t play 3D games cuz I get motion sickness, but since this game mainly involves outdoor surroundings I can handle it. The main cities are a bit difficult for me though so I can’t spend too much time inside.

I have 2 main characters, both named Caylin. One is currently a level 16 Night Elf Druid on the realm Turyalon, and the other is a level 17 Human Mage on Lightbringer. 

However since Alexander’s brother also plays the game but he uses the realm Boulderfist, so I have just created 2 newbie characters on there – Shadowstarr (a human warlock) and Nightstarr (another Night Elf Druid). I’m unsure whether I’ll ditch the other characters or still come back to them. I didn’t really want more than 2 characters as it takes long enough as it is.

Alexander has also created a Human Warlock (called Shadowwar) to play the game with me.

Let me know if you’re on World of Warcraft!