First Snow

I’ve finally seen snow! I’ve never seen snow before in my life and wow, it looks so beautiful. Everytime I look out the window and it’s white and I keep getting amazed. I can’t believe how light it is and falls so softly. And when you gather a snow ball it’s so light aswell.

We went to visit family of Alexander’s during the day today, and they live in a quaint Dutch looking little villiage, and with all the snow it looked so much like a Christmas card!

Later when we dropped Alexander’s dad off home, Alexander took his dad’s dog for a walk where he found a park with a snowman and phoned me to tell me about it. Despite it getting a bit dark and cold I just HAD to go have a look. First I got lost trying to find him, and with the light snow falling after 5-10 mins I was starting to look a bit bedraggled. But eventually I DID find Alex (looking for me, lol) and the park looked amazing. It was all flat and white, undisturbed and just this snowman sitting in the middle. It was awesome!

People who know me know I HATE the cold, but the snow is worth it. If it’s gonna be cold then I hope it just keeps snowing ­čÖé