Been sick…….again

I started coming down sick on Saturday, just felt a bit off colour, and the following days I ended up sicker than I ever remember in my life.

First I remember on Saturday not going shopping with Alexander because I thought it would be better to rest cuz I was so tired. It wasn’t until Sunday night that I went really down hill, and I won’t go into details but I had a terrible night. I lost 2kg just overnight (not a good weight loss obviously).

Most of Monday I was pretty off colour although feeling much better than the night before. But then Alexander started coming down with what I had. Monday night I spent most of the night being there for him, even though I wasn’t totally recovered yet. So I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment, although I’m on the mend.

This meant that Monday night I missed out on the Les Mills launches…….again! I haven’t even been to a launch at the gym here yet. Seems I’m sick every time they have one.

Something really doesn’t seem to want me to get back into Les Mills stuff at the moment….