Although I was still pretty sore from my debut back to pump, I still went to balance last night thinking it would probably help stretch me out and make me feel better. Although it’s supposed to be “Greatest Hits” at the moment, the balance instructor was filming her certifcation video so we did the current release again, which, although I was looking forward to a mix at least this release is a nice release. Although I didn’t actually understand any of the Dutch I gathered most of all this from the video camera that was set up in the room 🙂

Since I haven’t written any reviews about the Les Mills releases for a while now, this prompted me to start with this release. I think this release is far better than BB41 which I didn’t really enjoy at all. That may be due to the fact I had just had a baby and had commenced classes in a strange country in a strange language (and struggling physically at the same time), but that I’ll never really know.

  1. Beautiful tai chi, love the music on this track. 
  2. Sun sals – this is the most incredible “difference” I’ve seen in the sun sals since I ever started balance on release 18. Sun sals used to always just be 4 reps of basically the same thing. Jackie is starting to find ways to make each sun sals unique now.
  3. This track is ok, but I’m not sure about the way it’s choreographed for participants to face away from the instructor. I’m sure this shouldn’t be too hard to coach, but I’ve seen instructors here struggling to get participants to face the correct way. Probably Jackie trying to do something different here, but unnecessary in my opinion.
  4. Nice relaxing balance track, beautiful song, but not really standout chorrey for me. Maybe I’m spending too much of my time trying to actually balance, lol.
  5. I always love Delerium in BODYBALANCE and this track is no exception. I love the extra touch that has been choreographed into the swan pose. I find the twist thing you do in swan pose quite difficult though……….I’m curious to know how this would have felt pre-baby?
  6. I’ve really found myself improve in this track from when this release first started (nearly 3 months ago) to now. When I first did BB42 I had to do all the options in this track. Now I’m finding that I can do all the advanced options, even though I do find it quite a challenge to keep my spine and hips stable. But still, I feel proud of that progress. Music in this track is “ok”. Not a standout track for me, but not a hated one either.
  7. I usually have mixed feelings about Moby tracks, some I like, some I dislike………but this one I definately love. The chorrey is relatively simple, but this is good because it means it’s mostly achievable for me at the moment. I love the back release where you are in pointer and then you reach back and take hold of your foot. I only wish we held this pose longer, it feels so good!
  8. This track doesn’t impress me much. Not a standout song and the chorrey makes complicated work of basic moves. It also feels like one side of the stretch is held much longer than the other side in the lying twists. I haven’t actually studied the chorrey at all, so I don’t know if it is choreographed this way, or if the instructors here are teaching it wrong, or I’m just feeling things funny.
  9. When this track first starts I immediately think of the remixed version of Centre of the Sun, alas same artist but not the same song. I thought I wouldn’t like this song, Sleep, reused as I got a bit sick of the previous version……but this track is a good enough remix that I really enjoy the song and the relaxing stretch.
  10. I honestly remember very little of these meditation tracks. I guess they must be doing their job then 🙂

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