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OK, so I managed to make myself go to pump tonight. I haven’t done pump for a while because of my back pain as well as my heal problems which gives me excrutiating pain in the lunges. But Alex helped massage out the problem bits yesterday so I thought I’d give it a go.

I couldn’t believe it, how after all the things I’ve been feeling terrible about, and I get to this class and it starts with my most hated worst ever pump release I’ve ever done, lol. But it didn’t end up being so bad.

Since it’s now the 2 weeks prior to the launch this is the “Greatest Hits weeks” which we get for 2 weeks at this gym. So tonight they did:

  1. Back to Basics BP55
  2. You are all of that BP55
  3. Sweetest Poison BP55
  4. Everytime we touch (I’m glad they switched away from BP55 at this point! lol)
  5. Wind it up
  6. Flaunt it
  7. Listen to your heart BP68  (preview of the new release)
  8. One night in bangkock BP60 (at least I think so………mind was getting blurry for the next 3 tracks)
  9. Hips don’t lie BP60
  10. So far away BP60

I nearly wasn’t going to go to the class, and just say home and do balance in my lounge room instead. But at the last minute Alexander managed to renew my motivation to go to the gym. I ended up nearly late for the class, so I when I arrived at the gym I peeled off my many layers of clothing as quick as I could (it is getting cold here!), dashed into the class (which hadn’t yet started), forgetting my ticket and setting up at the back of the class.

When I first heard Back to Basics start I did an internal groan, but then all my focus was totally on trying to engage the right muscles, keep my knees soft and protect my back (which is REALLY hard work at the moment, let me tell you!). The one thing i didn’t want to do is make my back worse just by being a bit lax.

By the end of the squat track (which I was praying for it to end) my heart was hammering in my chest. It reminded me of how much pump can also be a cardio workout! As I crouched down to change my weights for the chest track, my legs could hardly support my weight.

I kept my weights pretty low for the back track, because I knew my core hard already worked too hard during squats, and then going into the tricep track I was going to leave my weights the same (which were baby weights anyway and only a fraction of the weight I used to use last year). When the song started I heard it was Wind It Up, which is one of the toughest tricep tracks with a very long series of tricep extensions. Since my elbow started having problems last time I did pump, I immediately took some of the weight off my bar.

For lunges we got the preview of the new release. It’s interesting what they’ve done with lunges this time around. They’ve actually put “front squats” in the second half of the track. I think this is an interesting innovation and reminds me a lot of the changes I’ve heard going on in BTS in America. The only problem I had with this track is that the bar actually hurt where it rested on my arms and my shoulders got fatigued very quickly.

My weights were pretty on the light side, but I was shaking at the end of each track so it’ll be interesting to see how I pull up tomorrow? 🙂

One thought on “BODYPUMP Greatist Hits

  1. Hi Mel,

    And… can you still walk? 🙂 Too bad it wasn’t all your favourite music, but good for you that you kept going 😀 Will you do pump more often from now on? I’ll check your blog more often, I read the most of them, but don’t always reply.
    Keep up the good work!


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