Feeling a bit more positive

I’ve had some great replies on the below topic on the post I made on the forum, and people have given some really great advice. I was a PT so I know what I need to do to get myself back into shape again. The only thing is, that even Personal Trainers need a Personal Trainer. The knowledge is there, but not necessarily the motivation. A PT’s job is to extract from you the things you can’t do by yourself (otherwise PT’s wouldn’t have a job!).

So, if I could I think I would get myself a PT right now, however Personal Training isn’t something that really exists here in The Netherlands…….or at least Apeldoorn. So I will have to attempt to work through it myself.

One of the things I would like to start with is maintaining my blog with much more Les Mills topics again, writing about the latest releases etc. Maybe I can help get my passion back by focusing again on the things I used to love. ­čÖé

I have started with updating totallylesmills.com with the latest tracklists for the upcoming releases. I still get emails all the time through that site for updates on the tracklists and information. Eventually I will be rebuilding the design of that site to make it more user friendly and also use a database that will make it easier for me to maintain!

4 thoughts on “Feeling a bit more positive

  1. The first start… is to actually start!

    So well done on starting!

  2. If you don’t already follow Ish and Bevan’s weekly episodes, check out their Forever Fitness podcasts!

    P.S. Could you please update tracklists on btstalk as well? Pretty please! ­čÖé

  3. gepl, do you prefer the layout of the tracklists on btstalk?

    I was thinking of somehow combining the layout on btstalk with the idea’s of used on totallylesmills.com

  4. Yes, the layout on btstalk allows you to find tracks almost instantly, because all the releases are on the same page. I find this extremely convenient. ­čÖé

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