Teaching again!

I did a trial class today at another branch of Achmea in Apeldoorn……..team taught balance with the GFM, and I’m happy to say that they have offered me two permanent classes! It felt so good to be on stage again, and even though I was team teaching I had to know the chorrey extra well, because the other instructor would be teaching in Dutch. So I had to learn the entire release in 4 days.

Normally that would be no problem, but I found it was much harder for me to learn chorrey than it used to be. I think when you’re doing it all the time it just comes easier, but I found myself underestimating how hard it would be. But I got there in the end, and I only made a couple of minor mistakes.

I tried to learn some cues to say in Dutch, but I found it too difficult to learn the chorrey and Dutch at the same time. So I only said a few little things in Dutch and taught the rest in English…….which was ok since all the participants could understand English.

So I guess I did ok, despite not being able to speak Dutch, because after the class they offered me 2 balance classes, and as I get into shape and I’m ready to do more, I should be able to get classes in the other programs aswell.

I’m really happy that they’re giving a non-Dutch speaker a chance and so far I’ve had really great feedback! I feel so good being on stage teaching again ­čÖé