Dutch course

It’s been about three weeks now since I started my Dutch course, and I have to say it has been a HUGE help. I was very very nervous about starting the course, particularly because they teach ONLY in Dutch. I thought……”how can I learn Dutch if I can’t understand what they’re teaching?”

The first intro day that I did was very difficult for me and I understood very little, but even after the first week of being forced to try and communicate in Dutch (even if it’s just a couple of words and using hand signals) and also having to listen, it has improved my ability to be able to listen and comprehend the language. Up until now my written dutch has been far better than my spoken (or listening), but now even though I know half the stuff we’re learning in the books already (it’s very simple level) the experience of talking and listening in the language has been very valuable!

I can now do simple stuff like ask where you’re born, where you live, what is your telephone number etc. I think once I can get to a stage where I can have some conversation in Dutch I think it will advance very rapidly for me.

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