Eventful day

Well I DID manage to get in with a chiropractor, which was a HUGE relief. I’m still in a lot of pain since the chiro could only partially adjust my spine……and it will take a little time to get back into the right position again. He seems to think that it has been triggered by stress and being in a strange country, not knowing the language and missing my friends, being a new mum and bending over all the time to pick bubs up etc. Thankfully there doesn’t seem to be nerve involvement, so my fears that I was reliving a disc injury it seems I don’t have to worry about! Hopefully I can make a full recovery soon.

On the other hand, we had another little emergency……..my favourite little boy (my son) held on to a pipe (feeding hot water to the radiators, which are in themselves safe) and burnt himself. He’s such a curious boy, crawling and into everything! But I just overlooked that danger and didn’t realise!

I ran to him straight away when I heard him cry, somehow you just know when the cry isn’t right. He was no longer holding the pipe, but I could tell immediately what had happened. I took him straight to the tap and ran his hand under the cold water…….when I could see it was blistering bad I rang Alexander who came home from work to take us to the hospital. It took us a few hours before we got through putting Connor’s hand under more running water, being seen by paediatrians, nurses putting cream on and bandaging him etc etc. So now he has a little stumpy hand all wrapped up.

I hated hearing him cry…….I just know how painful it was but there was nothing I could do for the pain. Breaks my heart. But tonight when we got home, he’d all settled down and he was back trying to get into everything again……..ocassionally crying when he put too much weight on his stumpy hand, then tentively trying to crawl off on it again. Sigh…….nothing keeps him down, lol.

He has second degree burns, but it should all heal fine.

One thought on “Eventful day

  1. Oooh Mel, hope little Connor’s hand will heal with no lasting effects for him. Hearing him cry like that must have been heart wrenching for you hun, my heart goes out to little Connor.

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