New Years Eve

We ended up having a wonderful New Years Eve. The original plan was to have a quiet night at home, since partying isn’t really possible with a baby. But we got messages from a couple of friends asking what we were doing. They weren’t sure what they were doing, so we responded “come round to our place if you want!”. Both of them ended up going with other plans, so we settled with spending the afternoon at Alexander’s brothers and then came home.

At his brother’s place we ate the traditional Oliebollen and for the first time the canals were completely frozen enough to skate on. So we went down to a lake with Alexander’s newphew and niece while they skated on the ice. I walked on a frozen lake for the first time ever. Kinda eerie!

Eventually it got too cold for me and the novelty wore off so we went back inside!

When we came home we had a message from Janne saying that her plans fell through after all and she’d like to come over our house after all. Great! So we were going to have company after all!

Then an hour or so after that we got a message from the other friend that he also had a change of plans and he was coming over after all!

So we had a great night, which ended up with me falling asleep on the floor around 3amish. The boys lit fireworks and us girls kept our distance and watched it. At least we could actually SEE them this year! Last year had the heaviest fog I’ve ever seen in my life………I wrote about it in this blog somewhere, the fog was so heavy we couldn’t even see the fireworks that were only 4 m away!

Janne stayed the night over at our house, and this afternoon we had fun doing a balance class in the lounge together. We did BB35 to the DVD, so Janne had fun trying to do everything on “instructor right”, lol.

So it as a great night, and I think we’ve triggered a great “friendship” between two people ­čśë

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