New Website Launch

New website at groupfitness.ogFinally I have finished the design of the new site layout for! It has had a complete overhaul, and it is now a complete website with the forum integrated. This is project I have wanted to complete for years, but only now has it become possible.

We have organised the design of this site to make it possible to deliver to you new and interesting information about the group fitness industry. We will target this information for not just participants looking for information about exercise, but also for Group Fitness Managers and Club Managers around the world. This will include articles on things like:

  • How to become a better instructor?
  • Designing a group fitness timetable for your club
  • Exercise techniques

We are currently working on bringing you online shopping, with fitness products and Les Mills gear.
Ultimately we will be fully integrating Totally Les Mills into this new website and we are currently working on a new tracklist design with new exciting features.

I really want to thank a person who has gone by largely unrecognised for his contribution into the site…… husband, Alexander. It is Alexander who motivated me and inspired me and at times when I had problems I couldn’t solve he helped me solve them. He had a very major input into the design of the logo and the overall design of the site. Basically, I put forth suggestions and he approved/disapproved them. I guess he’s my design manager… ­čÖé

optical communicationCheck out the new design, courtesy of Mel and Alexander ­čÖé