Back in Oz

So I’m finally back. I’m adjusting to the warmer weather and loving the sun on my face and the vitamin D. The warm nights, the cool summer breezes and getting back into socialising with my friends. Some things have changed, some things have stayed the same.

I’m currently getting my fitness qualifications back in order. My registration has lapsed and so of course I need 18 CEC points for the last 2 years. I thought this was going to be diffcult and that I’d have to pay for some new courses, but alas, I can get points for the last 3 Les Mills programs by doing the questionares online. 2 points per program, 3 releases for each program and I teach 5 programs. If I had all the chorrey for all those that would equal 30 CEC points! But at the moment I only have 6 releases that I can do the questionares for, so that’s 12 points, and I’ve ordered the latest releases for combat, pump and balance, so that’s another 6 points….easy. 🙂

I’ve made contact with a couple of gyms, and it’s looking promising to get some classes or fillins maybe. I probably won’t go into fitness full time, although I’m unsure. I’m searching for web design jobs at the same time, and if I don’t get a job before Alex does, then I’ll remain part time and stay a mum. Once I get my fitness registration back in order I plan to Personal Training sessions again from home, since we have some great facilities around here for outdoor training (like I did when I was pregnant). This may or may not be on a casual basis, again depends on how things go.