Well, I’ve managed to teach a few balance classes since I’ve been back in Australia, but I had to give up my one permanent balance class when I started my new IT job in April. So apart from a couple of fill ins, and attempting to go for a walk and doing a couple of attack tracks in my lounge room, gym life for me has been pretty much non-existant.

But since doing more fill ins at Fernwood, I think I’m kinda on the books there, meaning the staff let me in to do a pump class this morning. And OMG, I’m not sure I really did it, but my legs are hardly moving right now!

It’s so frustrating, and despite being overweight and unfit, the instructor recognised that I knew what I was doing. I think it’s so much easier to join as a newbie participant oblivious to correct techniques, than to be forcing yourself proper technique and challenging yourself. Since my muscles need a proper sports massage (which I have to wait a few weeks to get in), I found I struggle too much with the leg tracks and can’t lift weight through the whole squat track and I didn’t risk doing all the lunges. All the same, I still can hardly walk!

Hopefully I can keep going to pump every Saturday and become a smart full time but FIT IT employee! 🙂

Old times

Well, last night was a fantastic night…….but to explain, a brief summary for those who don’t know the story.

I used to often hold BBQ’s at my house, those BBQ’s usually involved alcohol (like any), Les Mills music and a handful of Les Mills instructors.

That mix usually created a lot of amazing fun…… trying to do drunken jam. Plyo lunges on concrete in bare feet and nearly hitting my head on the verandah during rear jump knees. All that fun has been a long distance memory though, after having a baby, going to the Netherlands with my dutch husband, a combination of the cold and falling down the stairs causing me so many back problems that I’ve lost fitness, put on weight and ended up in a miserable state of total unfitness.

And for those of you who remember sofie, I’ve been trying to drag her back onto the forum to post, but she’s not teaching LM anymore either following her car accident, and getting fit again is for her, also a struggle.

But last night, I had an inkling of a taste of what it all used to be for me. I’ve been losing complete passion for the programs, finding it so hard to remember what I loved. Last night I hosted a BBQ for a dear friend of mine’s 30th. Natty’s (who is also on this forum……..infrequently) husband didn’t have a location for his birthday, so we offered our backyard to celebrate. Jukebox, lots of alcohol and lots of non-fitness people….except for Alexander, Natty, Sofie and myself.

Now, sofie has never been a combat person, but Natty, Alexander and I went crazy when The Pretender came onto the juke box. For me it was like a drug……..I felt that buzz. People were watching, people were thinking we were nuts, and I through myself fully in moves that I knew I would regret the next day.

But I didn’t CARE!

and I had so much fun. The people at the party thought we were pretty crazy, and omg my body thought I was pretty crazy and I was heaving like a racehorse by the end of the track……..but omg, the buzz!