Chicken Soup Recipe

  • 2L chicken stock (salt reduced)
  • 600 g (approx.) sliced chicken
  • 2x onions
  • 4x carrots
  • 1x large zuccinni
  • 3x sticks celery
  • 1x clove garlic (pressed)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Large handful Egg noodles
  • Chopped Parsley

Bring stock to boil. Add all ingredient (minus parsley and noodles). Turn down to simmer. Simmer for approx. ½ hour. Add noodles 5mins prior to serving, Add parsley 2mins prior to serving.

Third week of pump

Ok so it’s only been 1 class a week, and not getting to do much else, but this weekend pump WAS much easier. I saw my chiro on Thursday for the first time in ages and that has made a HUGE difference. I could nearly do lunges all the way through, except when I do them with my right leg back, I have some problems with my right ankle. Seems to be an issue that started back in the Netherlands and my chiro has also been working on my ankle.

The Saturday morning instructor is away next week, so if she can’t get anyone else, I might be doing the class! With baby weights I’m not going to be at my best, but if the alternative is to cancel the class then I’m sure the participants won’t mind. Stay tuned…

BODYPUMP with PPCA free music

The news of the copyright tribunal decision is hitting the fitness industry, and Fernwood are another gym that are going all PPCA free music as of June 1st (or rather “gone”). I haven’t purchased any of the new releases as yet, since I’m currently not teaching and I’m working full time, so yesterday morning I did BODYPUMP with all PPCA free music.

I’ve heard lots of complaints and compliments about the other programs and so I was keenly interested to see what the music experience would be like as a participant. Let’s just say, I was pretty tuned in half of the time to the music, the other half the time I was in pain. I was pleasantly surprised and I didn’t think the music was too bad and there was only about 2 tracks (when I was noticing) that I kinda cringed and could tell that it was a cover. Some of the tracks were really bloody well done!

I think the main point I want to make here, is that if I wasn’t really paying attention to the music, I would never have noticed. The instructor did make a mention of the music being covers, and at one well known track a participant said “is this not the original?” I think there’s only going to be real problems if they cover the current top 40 music. I was never really keen on Les Mills using the latest top 40 music anyway, because we hear it all the time on the radio and then hammer it over and over in our classes. In light of the problem with covering these well known songs (because participants WILL notice these) I think Les Mills would be wise to do away with or steer away from using this type of music.

I’m 100% in support of going PPCA free since what the PPCA has done is ridiculous and greedy. I can’t see any gym going ahead and paying the fees. Why do we have to pay 3 times for the music anyway? First Les Mills pays for the licence to use the music, then we have to pay ARPA to be able to play music in businesses and then again to the PPCA. Imagine if BMW demanded fees for every time you take their car out and drove it on the road?