Getting fit

To all people trying to get fit and lose weight and the uphill struggle that it is, I want to share some motivational words. People used to think as an instructor the fitness and staying in shape was easy, but it was never just handed to me. Now, 2.5 years later, after a pregnancy and a tough time in the Netherlands I’m going that uphill battle again. But I’m determined. Despite my limitations at the moment, every time I find myself starting to slip I remind myself that I’m craving lollies etc BECAUSE I’M TIRED…..not because I’m hungry. Fitting in a lifestyle of healthy eating and fitness around a husband and a child is challenging to say the least, but I WILL get there…


…and YOU will too!


Well, so I finally got back to my first BODYCOMBAT class in Australia. Taking it carefully so as not to injure myself I did all low impact and wore my heart rate monitor. OMG, with all the low impact moves my heart rate still went up to 179 and averaged 165!!! When I was still teaching I would have been hard pressed to push myself to get that even in attack!

Well, the slow journey to restoring fitness…… slow. But I am determined!


I can’t believe “You’re Shining” is in the latest combat! That breaks my heart, since I recommended that song ages ago and was dying for that to be in combat or attack.

I’ve been so out of it when it comes to all the latest Les Mills stuff. A few weeks ago I finally purchased the latest releases for combat, pump and balance. I hadn’t bothered, since I haven’t been teaching much and only doing the occasional balance here and there. Last night I finally extracted all my songs to itunes so I could listen to new music on the way to work (I have an hour drive). When I first got in the car, I initially put on the warmup for combat 44, but then changed my mind and started searching for the latest balance. For some reason I didn’t feel in the mood for combat. But while I was looking for the balance tracks the first notes of the combat warmup really struck me. I couldn’t turn it off! so I stayed with combat, and the music sounds awesome! I haven’t done combat properly since combat 35, when I was pregnant. I did teach BC41 a few times in the netherlands, but apart from that I’m really missing out on a lot.

So after listening to the whole combat, man I wanna do it again! I can’t believe the feelings the music gave me, that buzz and motivation! It’s a pity everyone is mixing now and I’ve missed it 🙁

I’ve been taking my fitness slowly and doing pump and balance, maybe a low impact combat class will be on the cards soon?