I’ve participated in this release 3 times now and I have to say I absolutely love it! This is the most fun I’ve had in pump ever since I last taught in Australia when I was still fit!

I just love the squats, I love the single bottom half pulse in time with the music. The chest track is a little bit more plain, but I love the back track and how it starts off slow and then it kicks off with the faster music. Makes me buzz!

Triceps I can’t really remember, I only remember pain and laying on my back. Biceps is just fun! The slightly difficult timing with the cover music (and seeing instructors struggle with it) keeps me mentally occupied.

Lunges, forget lunges……..I’m totally writing off lunges until I can complete a track. At least my ankle problem is getting stronger now and I put the back of my heel against the step to support my ankle which helps heaps.

Shoulders is awesome but the rotator lifts totally cain! Love the music, it’s awesome.

Abs and cooldown? Can’t really remember by that point, and I’ve worked too hard to care.

Total thumbs up for this release!

BODYPUMP 75 launch

I haven’t done pump for a couple of months following being sick and back problems etc and been concentrating on balance instead. So I finally dragged myself to a pump class this morning and was surprised to discover it was the actual launch class.

It was great to do pump again and it was definately easier for me than the last time I did it. Not easier in the sense I’m not lifting enough weight, but in the sense that my muscles felt like they were functioning better. Previously I found that my muscles were so tight and spasming that it was difficult to do the moves at all (mainly squats and lunges) and doing pump was extremely exhausting.

This morning however, it still hurt and it was still hard, but I didn’t feel that desperate exhaustion of feeling like I’d just had open heart surgery (not that I know what that feels like, but you get the idea). It definately helps me to go again when I know I’m not going to feel like that!

Can’t remember much of the music and chorrey (haven’t looked at my own DVD’s), but I do remember enjoying being back in pump, so it must have been good ­čÖé