Missed the workshops

секцииAfter arranging a babysitter and all prepared for the Quarter 4 workshops, we turned up today on the Sunday, only to find that the workshops had been moved to the Saturday. Although I’ve injured my back so I couldn’t do combat anyway, I was totally gutted that I missed Balance, and Alex missed his opportunity for his first workshop back in Adelaide.

I’m not sure how I feel about Les Mills Asia Pacific’s customer service lately. While I guess the error was my own mistake for going on the wrong day, I feel Les Mills could have done much better in several ways. Apparently Les Mills have started switching between Saturdays and Sundays for the last year, but since I’ve been overseas I have missed this. Previous to this the workshops were ALWAYS on a Sunday with some extra classes occasionally held on a Saturday.

So little did I know, they were chopping and changing it, and when I registered online for the workshop, there was tiny text listing the date below the workshop listing, ie:

Adelaide Super Workshop
6 November 2010

So the theory is, I probably should have written the date down while I registered. Maybe I should have? But I didn’t. Despite this, I feel Les Mills shouldn’t make it so hard for me to find the date and time of the classes in the case that I DIDN’T write it down. I received no confirmation letter of the date/times. Sure, I received a ticket for entry to the workshop, but there was no confirmation of date/time. Why doesn’t LM send out any confirmation of the date and time?

To make matters worse, once online registration has closed, the workshop disappears off the list in the online registration section, so therefore there is no possibility of looking up the time and date. Revolution didn’t turn up till after the workshop, so no help there either.

I posted on Les Mills Asia Pacific’s Facebook wall that I felt LM overall is going downhill in terms of customer service, which a couple of people disagreed. When I contacted LM about it I was basically faced with the answer “bad luck”. Ok, so I didn’t write down the small print at the time of registering, but good customer service in this country generally involves “going the extra mile” even if the customer is not always right.

During our trainings as an instructor LM always emphasise being approachable as an instructor. I’m really not seeing LM lead by example here, especially at the bigger events like Filex where you have to line up to get autographs and photos. I feel LM are trying to make the workshops too “professional” and forgetting about just creating an “awesome fitness class”.

For me, it doesn’t quite feel the same as the old days. I wonder where 2011 is going to take us? I think LM should rethink some of their policies before more competition like Zumba hits the scenes!