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Taught for the first time in 3 years at one of my old clubs for a balance fill in, and as usual there weren’t many people I recognised. But I was surprised to see a few participants that I remembered (or remembered me)! It was a lovely class which I really enjoyed teaching, and after the class was totally chuffed when one of the girls told me how she missed me so much when I had left and she was so glad I was back.

I still feel really frustrated at my weight and lack of fitness, so a comment like that helped remind me that “weight” isn’t always everything.

Still want to lose the 20kg though, lol!


Second time teaching BP78 and it was an AWESOME class, for me at least. For the first time in ages I feel like I’m starting to get past the “fill in” instructor syndrome and slowly into my groove, which includes Mel-isms. Anyone who remembers my classes will remember the slightly crazy, slighty……no, COMPLETELY absentminded and “weird” instructor, all complete with random jokes that are not necessarily funny.

Well, I can’t possibly share some of the funny things that happened tonight, it just wouldn’t sound funny written down. But I found the perfect balance of knowing my chorrey, and completely screwing it up, lol. Well, no I didn’t really screw it up, but there was an extra bit of music at the end of the abs track that I completely blamed on the “repeat” function on my iphone.

hey, well people laughed and enjoyed themselves, and that makes me happy Smile

An eye opener

Had my first "little bit” of cardio with the PT. Woah it’s such a different experience pushing yourself from a totally unfit state. No PT or instructor should ever try to assume they know how it “feels”.

After the first 1 min exercise I said to my PT “that’s for that session, that was great, seeya later”. That joke didn’t get me far, 30 secs rest and on to the next exercise. Shuffles while catching a tubey thing (don’t ask me to explain), single arm essentially bicep curls crossed with chinups on a rope thing attached to the wall (again, please don’t ask me to explain). More catching tubey thing, and the for the rest my brain ceased to work.

Followed by feeling sick and then I was unable to do hovers as my diaphragm combined with lactic acid made me too sick to deal with it. Then round 2…

Yep I’m unfit, paying the penalty, struggling like hell and hating it. But I’m determined to get there again.

Oh yeah, my biceps are hurting. And my triceps too, wtf……..I don’t even remember working my triceps????


Taught the latest BODYPUMP for the first time tonight, and my initial impression is that this is a whole lot easier than it looks on paper. It’s at times like this that I regret missing it at the workshop. I always believe that it’s very useful as an instructor to know what it’s going to feel like.

Weights are going up next week by the looks!

oh and in an effort to encourage participants to put their weights up, I’ve promised to put an extra 1kg on my lunge weight for every participant that increases their weight!


It might be leaving it a tad to the last minute, but I’m cram learning BB53, which seems to be the best way of learning for me. That gives me 3 days to learn the new pump release for next Tuesday!

Loving some of this music, standout tracks for me so far are sun sals and balance.

The core tracks look pretty tough, especially with my no so strong core these days. Still aching after Wednesdays PT session too so this could be interesting!

Personal Training–round 2

Wooowweeee this has been a big week (by unfit non-instructor standards). Monday night, taught my first pump/balance double in ages, followed by Tuesday with another pump class (I really felt myself weakening here, definitely not the same anymore trying to do pump 2 nights in a row). Wednesday ended up being a tough day with lots of physical work moving laptops, ie. shifted 2 desktops and 11 laptops on a sack truck from Gawler Place (near Grenfell St) to Victoria Square, then helped a courier cart another 5 sack truck loads to his courier van.

So, after all that I am suddenly remembered why I chose to do personal training in the first place. I was knackered and weak, but I was determined (a step up in motivation right there).

Now due to my back/hip problems and weaknesses, at the moment the focus is on core strength, and boy did she smash my core. The personal trainer I have chosen, I used to work along side of, so I know I have chosen someone I will be happy with as I have seen her work. But that happeness also has a not so pleasant side………….it’s called pain {grimace}

I know I know, us instructors LOVE that pain, right? But that’s only when you are fit! Going back to starting from scratch it’s just not fun anymore, but yet there is still that satisfying moment knowing your being pushed to that point you would never have gone on your own.

Trust me, I would have given up on the first hover with my feet suspended in the stirrups, but she wanted me to do 3. Oh no wait, that was just 3 reps…………wasn’t SO bad I guess? Till after the rest I learnt that I was doing 3 sets.

Oh yes, I definitely would have given up a loooong time ago.

Finally a permanent class

It’s been a few weeks now (3 I think?), but I now have a permanent pump class every Tuesday night. Les Mills is a lot harder for me to dedicate copious amounts of time to these days, but it’s good just to be teaching. I can no longer imagine doing the 1-3 hours every night of classes, plus weekends etc. How life changes for ya huh?

Had to start off with pretty light weights (2.5kg either side), as my back wasn’t in the greatest shape following overdoing it at the last launches. I put 110% into filling in several combat classes, plus did the combat launch which proved to “too much” after the fact. But I’m recovered from that now, and I’m back at my regular newbie weights!

Last Tuesday I managed:

warmup: 7.5kg
squats: 10kg
chest: 7.5kg
back: 10kg
tricps: 7.5kg
biceps: 7.5kg
lunges: 10kg
shoulders: 5kg

I know these are light weights for an instructor, but to make things even better I’ve decided on Personal Training for myself as a further kick start. No more messing around for me, overweight and unfit!