An eye opener

Had my first "little bit” of cardio with the PT. Woah it’s such a different experience pushing yourself from a totally unfit state. No PT or instructor should ever try to assume they know how it “feels”.

After the first 1 min exercise I said to my PT “that’s for that session, that was great, seeya later”. That joke didn’t get me far, 30 secs rest and on to the next exercise. Shuffles while catching a tubey thing (don’t ask me to explain), single arm essentially bicep curls crossed with chinups on a rope thing attached to the wall (again, please don’t ask me to explain). More catching tubey thing, and the for the rest my brain ceased to work.

Followed by feeling sick and then I was unable to do hovers as my diaphragm combined with lactic acid made me too sick to deal with it. Then round 2…

Yep I’m unfit, paying the penalty, struggling like hell and hating it. But I’m determined to get there again.

Oh yeah, my biceps are hurting. And my triceps too, wtf……..I don’t even remember working my triceps????

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