Second time teaching BP78 and it was an AWESOME class, for me at least. For the first time in ages I feel like I’m starting to get past the “fill in” instructor syndrome and slowly into my groove, which includes Mel-isms. Anyone who remembers my classes will remember the slightly crazy, slighty……no, COMPLETELY absentminded and “weird” instructor, all complete with random jokes that are not necessarily funny.

Well, I can’t possibly share some of the funny things that happened tonight, it just wouldn’t sound funny written down. But I found the perfect balance of knowing my chorrey, and completely screwing it up, lol. Well, no I didn’t really screw it up, but there was an extra bit of music at the end of the abs track that I completely blamed on the “repeat” function on my iphone.

hey, well people laughed and enjoyed themselves, and that makes me happy Smile

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