Finally a permanent class

It’s been a few weeks now (3 I think?), but I now have a permanent pump class every Tuesday night. Les Mills is a lot harder for me to dedicate copious amounts of time to these days, but it’s good just to be teaching. I can no longer imagine doing the 1-3 hours every night of classes, plus weekends etc. How life changes for ya huh?

Had to start off with pretty light weights (2.5kg either side), as my back wasn’t in the greatest shape following overdoing it at the last launches. I put 110% into filling in several combat classes, plus did the combat launch which proved to “too much” after the fact. But I’m recovered from that now, and I’m back at my regular newbie weights!

Last Tuesday I managed:

warmup: 7.5kg
squats: 10kg
chest: 7.5kg
back: 10kg
tricps: 7.5kg
biceps: 7.5kg
lunges: 10kg
shoulders: 5kg

I know these are light weights for an instructor, but to make things even better I’ve decided on Personal Training for myself as a further kick start. No more messing around for me, overweight and unfit!

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