Missed opportunity

Very frustrated, with being unable to work right now or do any gym classes, I’ve just had the opportunity for a permanent balance class and another balance fill in (but alas, had to say “no” as I’m still injured). I’ve been waiting for the opportunity for a permanent balance class since I returned to Australia, and I’m sure doing more bodybalance would seriously help me get my body back where it needs to be. However, with the disc injury I have right now, downdogs, forward folds and pretty much any stretch is completely out of the question at the moment.

Sigh, well, maybe this “time off” is a lesson in patience or something or other.

2 thoughts on “Missed opportunity

  1. Hi Mel,
    I’m not sure how to contact you because I couldn’t find a ‘contact us’ section on any of your websites.
    I want to ask you a question about a track that I heard whilst attending a body balance class a few weeks ago.
    What’s the best way to contact you?
    kind regards,

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