I’ve finally picked up a permanent BODYBALANCE class on Tuesday nights after pump, the first time since early 2010 (when I gave up a morning class due to getting a full time job).

I’m still recovering from a severe injury from a few months ago which involved a pinched nerve in my back, and therefore doing balance has been really tough for me (downdogs and stretches have been impossible). But I have been practising at home and Tuesday night went well. It’s a new class on the timetable, so I was stoked when we had huge numbers for the first class (21 people in a room that fits about 30 max).

My mix for the the night was:

Forever Lost – BODYBALANCE 55
Gorecki – BODYBALANCE 51
Amazing – BODYBALANCE 53
While my guitar gently weeps – BODYBALANCE 53
Empire State Of Mind (Part II) – BODYBALANCE 51
Abs: Release The Pressure – BODYBALANCE 35
You Got The Love – BODYBALANCE 35
The Only Exception – BODYBALANCE 51
Lovesong From The Mountains – BODYBALANCE 51
Awaken The Dawn – BODYBALANCE 51