Injured Knee

I’ve started getting much more motivated to get back into fitness since getting back to Oz, and since finding a wonderful park down the road Alex and I regularly take Connor down there to play and I do some mini fitness sessions for myself. I’ve been getting motivated to do intervals, jogging up the hill and walking down, lunges and a few pushups and stuff on the benches etc. I think I’m getting inspired to start doing some private PT outdoor sessions again like I did when I was pregnant. At least, I would be able to do some of these while the weather holds out. So in the meantime I’m getting all my paperwork together to register and insure again with Fitness Australia again, and once that is done I may start taking on clients on a casual basic, possibly in a child friendly atmosphere but that idea I need to explore.

Alex and I have even decided to program a fitness schedule to make it to the City To Bay fun run in October this year. I was 5 weeks pregnant when I did the last one in 2007, and before I decided to actually move to the Netherlands it had been my plan to get fit again for the next one in 2008. That never happened of course, and after suffering from falls on the stairs and bad medical care, I never really got back again. Now I’m back with my trusty chiro again and progress is now ready to go up!

The only downside is, with all that extra motivation I got a bit hyper while mucking around with Alex and did some plyo lunges on the concrete. Sigh, I guess it’s hard to face the fact that my body must take it slowly, and I have injured my knee. Will see how it goes, but I’m supposed to be teaching my first balance fill in since getting back in Australia on Thursday. So ice and rest it is in the meantime.

“Food bigger factor than exercise?”

I read this article in The Australian and I don’t like the message it sends in my opinion. The message that you shouldn’t exercise if you want to lose weight is bad. The article suggests that diet is far more important than exercise in losing weight, and that exercise is more likely to make you hungry and therefore eat more. It therefore claims that you are better off not exercising in order to lose weight.

The thing is, doing less exercise CAN lead to more obesity…….if you eat the same and do less, the maths is simple.

It is true that you cannot solely exercise to lose weight, but then none of my fitness education has ever tried to say that. As far as I know it has always been known that that when losing weight, nutrition is 70% of the equation. It is true that you get hungrier when you exercise.

BUT, this does not mean it’s healthier to lose weight via diet alone.

The benefits of exercise are many:

  • Increased metabolism
  • Prevents heart disease
  • Promotes healthier blood sugar levels to prevent or improve diabetes
  • Improved muscle tone (what good is being skinny and saggy?)
  • Feeling better (it is well known that exercise releases endorphins)
  • Boost self confidence and prevents depression
  • Improved quality of life (being stronger and better cardiovascular system means you can do more in life with less effort)
  • Promotes bone density to protect against osteoporosis
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Boosts immune system

Now I’m sure there are many benefits I may have missed…….but basically people who suggest that we should just diet and ignore exercise are encouraging people to be self obsessed about weight and actually miss the whole picture…….the whole picture which includes your overall health, not just your weight!

If people ONLY try to lose weight, they invariably fail. If people instead choose to believe in a healthy life style and stop obsessing about scales………..then these people are more likely to be sucessful in their goals!


Well haven’t really lost much weight in the last month, but I have been getting fitter though. It is difficult, because I can’t exercise at the intensity I would like to due to back pain and hip problems as a result of the hormones from pregnancy. I’ve even had a niggling pain in my heel and the last thing I need right now is achilles problems!

Despite that I have done quite a few attack classes, because that was the most convenient class to get to. However I’ve backed off doing attack the last week and switched to pump instead. For two reasons, 1) I really really dislike this attack release (BA61 – friggen hairspray and black betty…….they are currently my 2 most hated songs at the moment) and here they only mix the last 2 weeks before the launches, so I’m stuck with this crappy release and 2) my body is hurting too much after attack (not the exercise kinda hurt, but injury kinda hurt).

In comparison, the current pump release (BP66) is pretty good, however I’m still not sure about this whole doing the same release for nearly 3 months bizzo.

I can’t teach here yet, because it seems I need to be able to speak dutch first, so I have to focus harder on learning the language. Not easy going I tell ya, but I’m learning new words everyday.



Tonight I finally did my first bodyattack back from having my baby and I managed to survive! I did a mix of high and low impact, mainly cuz I didn’t want to go too hard the first time back and find out I can’t walk the next morning. As it turned out, my hips only hurt slightly the next morning which is pretty good.

I couldn’t do my next weigh in, because Alex’s scales have broken. So we’ll be buying a new set soon, hopefully a good one that does fat % as well. We’re not really sure the other scales were that accurate anyway, so I won’t have a good idea where we’re at till we get the new ones.


Tonight Alexander and I asked his sister to mind Connor for us so that we could both go to the gym to do BODYCOMBAT. It was a great class and it was nice to be combatting next to my husband again 🙂

We did the latest release of course, cuz they’re not mixing at the gym yet, and the instructor did an awesome job. Much better than the previous instructor last time I was here. I believe she is still teaching the class though apparently, but the guy who was teaching tonight was just a fill in.

I’m still loving this release, it’s an awesome release!

To note down what I’ve also done as part of my training program, I also did BODYSTEP yesterday morning and BODYBALANCE in the evening.

Training program

So this weekend I weighed myself and I’ve managed a great start with a drop in 1.5kg in the first week. I haven’t been calorie cutting at all, just replacing my diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, so this should be a sensible weight loss. I did a BODYBALANCE class this morning, because with my hip instability balance is really helping sort my body out and getting me more flexible again.

I’ve added a graph now to my side bar, in the yellow section on the left, which will track my weight and my goal of reaching my previous weight of 73kg.