Alexander passed

Well after what sounded like quite a tough training, Alexander passed! Congrats to him because I think it musn’t be easy trying to learn how to teach in a language that isn’t your own and the trainer sounded like he was very tough. Again it was a pretty exhausting day and I arrived to pick up Alexander while they were all one by one getting their results and at this point he was really worried that he wouldn’t pass. While he said he did well in the first presentation in the morning, for the second presentation he felt he had stuffed up, although I had a hunch he was just being really hard on himself.

Alexander ended up getting track 8 to present and the trainer had all incredibly positive feedback┬áapart from one small minor technique issue which was probably more due to fatigue rather than being an error. The rest of his technique is excellent cuz of his martial arts background. I’m looking forward to learning some technique tips from Alexander in the future to improve my own technique and now this also means that when we return to the Netherlands we’ll be able to team teach!


phew, following┬áFriday’s effort, I can proudly announce now that Alexander is doing his combat training here in Adelaide!

It was a bit of an effort to get him registered, because I forgot it was on and then with the emergency dash to the dentist we didn’t know if he was going to make it, but it all turned out well. LMAP were worried about whether the materials would make it on time, since he registered so late, but I explained to them that I’m already a combat instructor and have the DVD for BC36 so that was nothing to worry about.

I managed to get my friend to come along with me and mind Connor so that I could participate in the Masterclass. The class was open to the public, but because it wasn’t a usual class on the timetable I guess nobody knew about it, so I ended up being the only person participating that wasn’t on the training. I used the masterclass as an opportunity to pick up tips on improving my technique and really trying to improve. This was also the first class that I began to do most of the high impact stuff aswell and because I was able to do this, it’s the first combat class I’ve really enjoyed since returning to exercise.

After the masterclass I left and later that night I got to hear all about it from Alexander. He showed me some of the technique points that the trainer (David) was really emphasising and I found some really useful tips from that info aswell. That night, I learnt the choreography for track 6 really REALLY well…………….but, oh yeah that’s right, I’m not the one who needs to learn it, haha!

Day 2 and the trainer let me sit in on a bit of the morning, but as I had no one minding Connor, I could only stick around while he was settled. The morning began with the challenge, and since Connor was asleep I participated in most of the challenge…….again I used it as an opportunity to see if I could pick up on more technique tips, but I missed out on the end of it when Connor woke up for a feed.

I left at this point, but Alexander informed me later that the “challenge” ended up being the easy part of the day, with the rest of the day involving going over and over the chorrey and technique, till the point they were all so exhausted they hardly had the energy to present their tracks.

I came back in the evening to pick up Alexander, but they were still going. So I got the opportunity to sit in on the trainer giving each person their feedback on their presentation (which at this point involved Dee getting clucky over Connor and holding him while he slept). I found it really interesting to see the parts of the training that I did, and I would have loved to sit in on the whole lot!

I’m also very proud of my hunny……..he’s done so well and he got very good feedback on his presentation. His coaching was excellent and in his words, the trainer said Alexander “is a natural” coach. Awesome for someone who’s trying to teach in a foreign language! I also thought it very amusing how he described both Alexander and the other guy in the group as strong looking guys, and that he would enjoy their classes because their presence would inspire him to work hard………because they look like they’d bash the crap out of him if he didn’t! lol ­čść

For next weekend, Alexander has tracks 7 and 8 to learn, both awesome tracks in my opinion. Now that I’ve done BC36 a few times (and getting a little bit fitter), I’m really starting to love this release!

Friday 13th

Not sure if I’m superstitious as such, but this Friday the 13th ended up being a pretty full on day.

Today began with an emergency dental appointment for Alexander with a tooth infection which resulted in root canal treatment. But that wasn’t all that freaky or anything, but what WAS freaky was that the dentist turned out to be a participant from the gym….

Then, when she began drilling I decided to leave the room, since I hate dentists and I can’t stand the sound of the drills…..I wander out to the waiting room, where I see another gym participant sitting waiting with her kids.

Next we walked around Tea Tree Plaza where I saw briefly an old PT┬áclient, but she didn’t spot me so I kept moving on. The next PT client I ran into was also a┬áfriend who I stopped to talked to, since we hadn’t seen each other again since last year when I first fell pregnant. Alexander went into the newagency after getting bored with our talking, lol.

I thought I couldn’t possibly run into anyone else after that…….4 people I’d seen from the gym, but then seconds after saying goodbye to the last PT client I walked straight into a regular Bodypumper from my classes……on her lunch break from work. Only a quick chat to her as obviously she had to go back to work.

Right, so I go get a drink with a slightly bewildered Alexander…….he gets a coffee at Gloria Jeans and I dash upstairs to get a Boost Juice, where I say “hi” to the Child Care Manager at the gym…..

Thankfully we didn’t run into anymore people, cuz as it was we didn’t get as much done that afternoon as we would have liked!

First class back

Last night Alexander and I did combat together, for me being my first class back since giving birth. I took it easy and did all low impact, because despite being told I could continue exercise at the same level I was doing prior to giving birth, I was warned to be careful of any impact exercise.

So taking care, it was awesome to move again…..although a little depressing with how much fitness I’ve lost. I found it a little hard to enjoy it for this reason, but hopefully I’ll get back into it soon.

What a week!

I’m sitting here this morning, up a bit earlier than Alexander mainly cuz I was so exhausted last night that I went to bed quite a bit earlier than him. It’s been a big week organising everything for our small wedding for this afternoon but I think everything is finally done. I only have some regrets that some of this has been left so late but it couldn’t be helped with the volume of other stuff I had to do with moving house last week.

It’s been awesome to be with Alexander again, to have the support and have someone there to do the little things that are getting hard for me now is just incredible. This week we’ve managed to arrange a grass pit for my dog (so that I’m allowed to have my dog Tali at my new rental house), clothes for Alexander cuz there’s no way he could bring 3 months worth of clothing with him, rings for the wedding, a formal maternity dress for me to wear, obstetrician appointments, various other appointments for me, food shopping and we even managed a combat class!

I was exhausted on Wednesday night, but Alexander was hanging out to do combat so I agreed to go along as well and see how I’d go just pottering along doing the baby options of the options. I actually felt quite good and it was quite easy to do. Fitness wise was no problem but I couldn’t do the shuffles and the impact stuff only cuz of the weight of my belly. My fill in that I have for me at the moment for my class though happened to do “Lights Out” for track 4 which just happens to be impossible to do any options for. I ended up kinda doing a baby jump kick and the ginga and it worked out fine.

Alexander has also started practising driving here on the other side of the road and it doing remarkably well. I’ve been coaching him and adjusting him to the Australian way of driving cuz you can’t really drive here the same way they do in the┬á Netherlands. I feel pretty safe and relaxed with him most of the time so that’s great cuz I’ll need him to drive me to the hospital when I go into labour.

It hasn’t gone by without being eventful though, so far in just a couple of days we’ve had someone hit us gently from behind and also been pulled over by the cops…….both in separate events! When we got hit, there was a car accident up ahead and so everyone had to merge into 1 lane and Alexander shifted across, merging slowly going about 10 km an hour. The car behind somehow was concentrating on the car behind him and hit the back of us, leaving a massive scratch down the bumper of the back of my car and took off the mud flap. It wasn’t a hard hit, hence the scratch only (although his car was a little bit worse) and was the other guys fault entirely. We swapped insurance details and whatever, but with the excesses to pay I’m not sure if it’ll end up being worth putting a claim in for it or not.

Then yesterday we were driving to South of the city to a maternity store and with huge roadworks on the corner of ANZAC Highway and South Road I was concentrating hard on talking Alex through what to do, when we got pulled over by the cops. We were apparently doing 61 km/hr in a 40km zone (cuz of the roadworks). Looking back now I’m a bit bewildered about the signs and where we must have been speeding, but I’ve been very careful in making Alex slow down all the time and obey the speed limits and stressing to him about how expensive our speeding fines are here. Traffic in Adelaide is much slower than Europe so it’s a different culture. So when the cop pulled us over I explained to him that it wasn’t intentional and we have no idea how we missed it, and I explained how I was coaching him through driving around here etc.

After the policeman checked out Alexander’s international licence and filled out the form, he gave us just a “caution” with no fine attached. It was such a relief and I don’t know if he just didn’t know how to deal with a foreigner or whether he took pity on me being so heavily pregnant or maybe it was a combination of both…….but I’m very thankful cuz 21km’s over is about $250 fine I think or maybe more.

After that I took over driving so I didn’t have to concentrate so hard on the road anymore……lol.

So it’s been a big week so far and now a big day ahead of me. I hope to begin to relax a bit more next week and chill out for the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy……..god knows I need it and people tell me I need the rest to get the energy for going through labour.

7 hours

Only 7 hours to go till I pick my honey up from the airport. I’m not counting down or anything ­čÖé

Normally I’d whinge about having to be there at 6am in the morning……but at the moment I absolutely don’t care!

Exhausted, elated, excited, anxious

It’s all coming to a climax now, everything happening at once. I’m excited, exhausted, anxious, worried and thrilled all at the same time.

The sale of our house finally settled today, which is both good and bad. It was a lot of hard work for me the last few days and the hardest part has been organising the animals. One of my horses, Kira, was picked up last week by a dressage rider/judge that has entered into an agreement with me where I pay for the keep of the horse and she trains and competes on her. This has worked out exactly what I wanted for her while I was away, cuz I didn’t want to sell her.

The other horse has temporarily gone to the property of my real estate agent who is possibly interested in purchasing him. He’s an unbroken 3yo gelding for sale, and today I had to float him there all on my own, which isn’t an easy task for a horse that hasn’t floated before…….let alone me doing it while 37 weeks pregnant. Still, even though it sounds hard, that was just one part of my day.

The dogs are going to the neighbours for a couple of days before Sasha will get picked up by a farmer who wishes to use her as a working dog. I think she’ll be really happy there, cuz even though she’s getting a bit older now, she still rounds up the birds, rabbits, horses, the other dog and even rounds up the fence posts. Tali is older and slowing up though and nearly 10 years old, and I have succeeded in getting permission to keep her at my new house. However there are some terms and conditions, such as organising a sandpit or piece of lawn where she can go to the toilet, so I need a few days to arrange that aswell as I didn’t get a chance to get that done today.

The last of the heavy horse stuff, like barrels etc have been loaded into the horse float and I’ve temporarily parked it at the place where Kira is being kept, until I can take it down to my parents new house.

On top of all this very very busy day…………the most exciting thing ever. My true love and the most incredible man I’ve ever met in my life has boarded a Malaysian Airlines flight in just the last few hours. In just 34 hours I’ll be in his arms again and I plan on never ever letting him go. We will be as one, sharing our lives, our minds, our skills and everything together.

We’re both so dead certain about this that, although we have kept this relatively quiet until this point, we plan on getting married next Friday. ANZAC Day of all days, which I’m not sure whether this is ironic or not? Since the last few months have been incredibly hectic for me and I’ve had no time to organise things, it’s going to be a very very small ceremony, with the actual wedding planned to take place hopefully next year. Since ANZAC Day falls on a Saturday next year, I’m semi interested in setting the real wedding for the same date…….although who knows what exactly the future holds? We plan to be back in Australia by then, but nobody will really know for sure.

For Alexander…….see you very soon hun!

Alexander’s countdown – 47 days to go

I’m so excited, we can finally begin the countdown on Alexander’s return to Adelaide to be with me and the birth of our baby. ­čśŤ

We have finally confirmed flights for him coming here and also for our return for the 3 of us back to The Netherlands!!! He’ll be arriving here at around 6am ( ­čś» ) on Sunday 20th April. I’ve been missing him so much, so to finally have a date to look forward to is fantastic. Since I’m due mid-May, that should hopefully give us a bit of “us” time alone together before our lives change forever.
The 3 of us will then return to The Netherlands leaving here 10th July. That gives us heaps of time after the baby is born and time for us to prepare for the travel.

It hasn’t been all that easy arranging all these things and there’s still lots to organise yet (such as baby stuff, what should we buy here, what should wait till we get to NL etc). But getting my head around visas and passports has been doing my head in.

To start with, I would have liked to have booked a 1 way flight only to The Netherlands, since I don’t know how long I’ll be staying there. However, I cannot stay longer than 90 days in Europe without a visa, so therefore they will not let me into the country without having a return flight. So, I figured I’d try to apply for a Temporary Residence Permit before I go. Turns out, that you have to do this AFTER you arrive in the country, you cannot do it from here. That’s stupid, so I have to purchase a return flight, despite the fact that I won’t actually be coming back straight away. This has meant that I have to pay extra for the option to be able to transfer my flight…….sigh, just another extra cost.

Then, not only this I discovered that you can’t book a flight for a baby that isn’t born yet nor can you get a passport for the baby. After a few phone calls and some phone calls on my Flight Agent’s part, we’ve found out that we just have to add the baby’s details on after it has born and we have to pay 10% plus taxes on whatever the cost of the fair is then, which will probably be more than it is now but there’s nothing we can do about that.

Then with the passports, our baby will be entitled to dual citizenship and dual passports. So I made enquiries as to how to go about this after the baby is born. Obviously the baby automatically obtains Australian citizenship, but the Dutch citizenship isn’t quite so easy. Basically, either Alexander and I need to be married prior to the birth of the baby, or he needs to declare that he is the father of the baby…………before it is born. Right ok, so how do we do that.

We have to go to Sydney ­čś»

They said it may be possible for Alexander to perform this declaration in The Netherlands and after Alex made some phone calls and enquiries it turns out that I have to be there too. Damn if we knew of this earlier we could have done it while I was there over Christmas……..grrrr.

Are you still with me? Got a headache yet?

oh and when I go to The Netherlands and apply for Temporary Residency so that I can stay longer than 90 days, I have to have an Apostille stamp on all my documents like birth certificates etc……..right, next job is to find out how to do that.
No wonder migration agents make so much money out of this stuff…..