Moving house

It’s been a BIG week or so, and I’ve finally moved house, although my other house hasn’t quite settled yet and there’s still stuff to clean up and move yet. It’s been incredibly exhausting trying to move while 8 months pregnant, but thankfully I had cut down my classes from 9 per week down to 5………..and that really did make a huge difference to my energy levels.

I have been selling lots of stuff aswell, listed some items on ebay so getting practice with selling on there……..which is going to be really helpful for when I auction off the autographed Les Mills tops for “the bid on cool stuff auction” to help raise money for Operation M.U.S.I.C.

So basically I spent the week just slowly packing boxes and moving them gradually, and I was lucky to get help from my house mate to transfer a couple of loads to the new house during the week. Then Friday we finally moved my mattress which meant my first night in the new house. It was quite eerie, cuz I didn’t have the bed base yet and I didn’t feel settled in the house. Eventually I managed to relax and go to sleep when I connected up my stereo and ipod and went to sleep with the music playing. However the night was a bit crappy as getting out of a bed at floor level is no longer easy for me and with the number of toilet trips I need to make in the night that was very frustrating.

So Saturday the housemate took another load of furniture for me, including my bed base, so that was a much better nights sleep.

Then Sunday, it was time for the final move and I had 4 friends lined up to help me plus a trailer. It turned out there was a miscommunication with 2 of my friends and they couldn’t be there, and I almost felt dispair at feeling so helpless. I rang my parents and they decided to come down and bring the small kitchen table they’d promised me.

After another mistake, they ended up meeting me at the wrong house………..they went to the new house whereas I was at the old house. But with 30 mins drive between houses I decided to ring the housemate again as he had a spare key to my new house (we’re moving into seperate houses, but he has a key since he’s helping me move) and since he was only 5 mins away I asked if he could stop by and let my parents in. He was kinda rushed to get somewhere, however he agreed………cool, so that’s all sorted.

But then as he was waiting to turn right into my street, someone drove into the back of him………..arrrrggh, this wasn’t turning out to be a good morning!

So my parents got a bit held up, but we finally got everything loaded and unpacked into the new house. Natty and Adam came by later and helped me unpack and set up the PC and various other household tasks. Much appreciated cuz I felt EXHAUSTED.

The good news is now I’ve FINALLY got BROADBAND!!!! REAL broadband, that actually works. I’ve been waiting 7 years for this moment. I’m mad at Telstra though, because I got the phone connected a week early, on a Friday……….applied for ADSL on Monday so that it’d be all ready for when I moved in. Thursday they set up the ADSL and for whatever reason didn’t actually test it…………so I lost my phone line AND had no ADSL. I was hoping they’d fix it pretty promptly considering they caused the problem, however Friday it still wasn’t fixed they said it might be done Saturday…….Saturday still no go and said it probably wouldn’t be done till Monday. So I rang them (again) Saturday night and put in a formal complaint………told them that I was pretty pissed off that I got it all done in advance and being 8 months pregnant I kinda felt it was important to have a phone line and I wasn’t too impressed at having to wait 4-5 days to get it fixed.

I dunno if that did the trick, but Sunday morning I got a phone call and the line and ADSL was all fixed………so yay, that’s finally done now!

So that’s a huge update and why I haven’t been online much……….and there’s still heaps to do. I have until Friday to find homes for the 2 dogs and the cat and arrange somewhere temporarily for one of the horses until I can sell him. oh so much to do, so much to get done…..