Alexander passed

Well after what sounded like quite a tough training, Alexander passed! Congrats to him because I think it musn’t be easy trying to learn how to teach in a language that isn’t your own and the trainer sounded like he was very tough. Again it was a pretty exhausting day and I arrived to pick up Alexander while they were all one by one getting their results and at this point he was really worried that he wouldn’t pass. While he said he did well in the first presentation in the morning, for the second presentation he felt he had stuffed up, although I had a hunch he was just being really hard on himself.

Alexander ended up getting track 8 to present and the trainer had all incredibly positive feedback apart from one small minor technique issue which was probably more due to fatigue rather than being an error. The rest of his technique is excellent cuz of his martial arts background. I’m looking forward to learning some technique tips from Alexander in the future to improve my own technique and now this also means that when we return to the Netherlands we’ll be able to team teach!


phew, following Friday’s effort, I can proudly announce now that Alexander is doing his combat training here in Adelaide!

It was a bit of an effort to get him registered, because I forgot it was on and then with the emergency dash to the dentist we didn’t know if he was going to make it, but it all turned out well. LMAP were worried about whether the materials would make it on time, since he registered so late, but I explained to them that I’m already a combat instructor and have the DVD for BC36 so that was nothing to worry about.

I managed to get my friend to come along with me and mind Connor so that I could participate in the Masterclass. The class was open to the public, but because it wasn’t a usual class on the timetable I guess nobody knew about it, so I ended up being the only person participating that wasn’t on the training. I used the masterclass as an opportunity to pick up tips on improving my technique and really trying to improve. This was also the first class that I began to do most of the high impact stuff aswell and because I was able to do this, it’s the first combat class I’ve really enjoyed since returning to exercise.

After the masterclass I left and later that night I got to hear all about it from Alexander. He showed me some of the technique points that the trainer (David) was really emphasising and I found some really useful tips from that info aswell. That night, I learnt the choreography for track 6 really REALLY well…………….but, oh yeah that’s right, I’m not the one who needs to learn it, haha!

Day 2 and the trainer let me sit in on a bit of the morning, but as I had no one minding Connor, I could only stick around while he was settled. The morning began with the challenge, and since Connor was asleep I participated in most of the challenge…….again I used it as an opportunity to see if I could pick up on more technique tips, but I missed out on the end of it when Connor woke up for a feed.

I left at this point, but Alexander informed me later that the “challenge” ended up being the easy part of the day, with the rest of the day involving going over and over the chorrey and technique, till the point they were all so exhausted they hardly had the energy to present their tracks.

I came back in the evening to pick up Alexander, but they were still going. So I got the opportunity to sit in on the trainer giving each person their feedback on their presentation (which at this point involved Dee getting clucky over Connor and holding him while he slept). I found it really interesting to see the parts of the training that I did, and I would have loved to sit in on the whole lot!

I’m also very proud of my hunny……..he’s done so well and he got very good feedback on his presentation. His coaching was excellent and in his words, the trainer said Alexander “is a natural” coach. Awesome for someone who’s trying to teach in a foreign language! I also thought it very amusing how he described both Alexander and the other guy in the group as strong looking guys, and that he would enjoy their classes because their presence would inspire him to work hard………because they look like they’d bash the crap out of him if he didn’t! lol 😆

For next weekend, Alexander has tracks 7 and 8 to learn, both awesome tracks in my opinion. Now that I’ve done BC36 a few times (and getting a little bit fitter), I’m really starting to love this release!