Cooking with gas

ok that’s something new I really have to get used to. Yanno how when you’re cooking you know exactly how much time you need for putting everything on, timing the veggies etc. Well now I’m in my new house I’ve now got a gas stove (never cooked with gas before), a new (old) microwave and all new cooking utensils. This basically means…….I have no clue how to time everything now!

It doesn’t help the fact that I have an unrealistic fear of fire aswell, which in particular extends to gas. I’m kinda ok, I can handle it, but it does freak me out if the auto thingy’s don’t light it in the first 0.5 seconds. When it starts getting to about 2 secs that the gas is running without it being lit I just feel a slight panicky feeling, but I guess I’ll get over it.

So tonight, I cooked for dinner…..veal snitzel with spinach, corn and zucchini. The schnitzel ended up cooking a lot faster than I was expecting, the spinach a lot slower, and the corn and zucchini took forever cuz I put it in the microwave and forgot to turn it on high.

Well, it turned out not too bad in the end, but it just seems so stupid that I have to go through all that crap of learning the timing again!