Friday 13th

Not sure if I’m superstitious as such, but this Friday the 13th ended up being a pretty full on day.

Today began with an emergency dental appointment for Alexander with a tooth infection which resulted in root canal treatment. But that wasn’t all that freaky or anything, but what WAS freaky was that the dentist turned out to be a participant from the gym….

Then, when she began drilling I decided to leave the room, since I hate dentists and I can’t stand the sound of the drills…..I wander out to the waiting room, where I see another gym participant sitting waiting with her kids.

Next we walked around Tea Tree Plaza where I saw briefly an old PT client, but she didn’t spot me so I kept moving on. The next PT client I ran into was also a friend who I stopped to talked to, since we hadn’t seen each other again since last year when I first fell pregnant. Alexander went into the newagency after getting bored with our talking, lol.

I thought I couldn’t possibly run into anyone else after that…….4 people I’d seen from the gym, but then seconds after saying goodbye to the last PT client I walked straight into a regular Bodypumper from my classes……on her lunch break from work. Only a quick chat to her as obviously she had to go back to work.

Right, so I go get a drink with a slightly bewildered Alexander…….he gets a coffee at Gloria Jeans and I dash upstairs to get a Boost Juice, where I say “hi” to the Child Care Manager at the gym…..

Thankfully we didn’t run into anymore people, cuz as it was we didn’t get as much done that afternoon as we would have liked!