Family Reunion

Family Reunion 

Back on Mothers’ Day when Alexander met just a couple of my Dutch aunties at Belair National Park, we decided to organise a family reunion so he could meet the family. Since my cousin Angie (Anjelica) is also in a relationship with a guy from Switzerlands (Fabian) we decided to also use the opportunity for him to be there aswell.

He only arrived back in Adelaide on 4th July and with Alexander and I leaving on the 10th July that only left one weekend to hold the reunion.

With having quite a strong Dutch heritage (all my aunts and uncles were born in Amsterdam except for the youngest auntie, and there’s 10 of them all up) our Dutch family can be quite intimidating for the aussie bloke to meet. However for Alexander he was right in his element. He had a bit of fun chatting in Dutch to my aunts and uncles, and chatted to Fabian in Dutch and then surprised him by also talking in German. Ugh, all this bi-lingual/tri-lingual stuff……driving me crazy! ­čść

When it comes to speaking Dutch, my vocabulary is still very limited. It seems the only sentence I can remember how to say is “I am tired”, but this also sounds similar pronounciation to “I am beautiful” and guess which one I always make the mistake of saying, haha.

Anyway, hopefully in the near future we’ll get to catch up with Fabian and Angelica in Europe and perhaps I’ll eventually get to meet some of my extended family over there.

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