Our going away party

Going away party

I would like to thank all those that came to the Mawson Lakes Hotel for dinner with us for our final weekend here in Australia. Most of our friends were there and I apologise if there was anyone I didn’t really get to talk to on that night. With so many people there it was hard to get around to everybody.

For Connor it was his first night out with so many people and being handled by so many, and since he’d also just had his vaccinations the day before he was at some points a little grizzly. So don’t feel bad anyone who held him and he cried!

Thanks also to those who took pictures and gave us gifts, although thankyou also for not giving us too much stuff that we wouldn’t be able to take. For many of our friends you have given us greater gifts with your help over the past few weeks and babysitting etc.

I can’t believe it’s all so close now, there’s still so much packing to do and things to finalise. I hope we get it all done in time!