Mel & Alexander

Just a quickie post to let everyone know about our fantastic wedding day. Alexander and I decided to get married on 25th April 2008. To some people this may be a surprise, but I kept it relatively quiet since I was unsure whether a premature baby would upset our plans.

As it was the baby held off and we had a beautiful day for our wedding. Cool enough for Alexander that he didn’t suffer in the heat and the terrible rainy whether that followed held off and didn’t disrupt our wedding.

I felt great with my family and the few close people that attended. A lovely winery, a great job by our hosts at Kaeslers Winery and Restaurant and afterwards we stayed the night in the bed and breakfast………except we missed breakfast and got kicked out of bed by the cleaners at 11am, haha. :lol:

We plan on putting up a webpage of this beautiful day once we get the photos.

Since it was a fairly small wedding, the current plan is to have a full wedding later……maybe next year, so that we can have the opportunity to share it with the rest of our friends and family we’d like to share it with.