Hot spell is finally over

wow, after 15 days with temps above 35C, we’ve finally seen a cool change. Phew, I think everyone has been getting a bit nutty. It’s apparently the hottest spell ever recorded for a capital city in all of Australia.

Although I’ve been coping reasonably well cuz I’ve got good air conditioning, I’m glad the spell is over, cuz trying to do anything outside has been very fatiguing.

11 consecutive days above 35C

I used to love hot weather, but I guess my tolerance has dropped slightly now. I’m really lucky that this house (even though it won’t be my house for much longer) has really good ducted evaporative air conditioning, which means I can just leave it on all day and it costs next to nothing to run. Evaporative is usless if it’s humid weather, but here in Adelaide we’re usually lucky enough to get no more than around 1 day per summer where this will occur.

So, it’s been really pleasant inside my house, with the air con keeping it to below 27C during the day and bringing it down to 21C in the evenings which is freezing cold for me! So at least I get really comfortable nights (as far as temperature goes…….not so comfortable being pregnant).

But, it’s incredible we’ve actually now had the longest hot spell on record…….11 days above 35C and there’s no end in sight to the hot weather. At this stage the hot weather is expected to continue till next week. I know lots of people are suffering and getting grumpy because of it.