Training schedule to return to fitness

Since giving birth to Connor I’ve discovered I’ve put on a lot more weight than I would have liked, and I haven’t managed to lose much in the 2 months since then. With lots of stress going on, it was hard to get into a routine, even though I did do quite a few classes, taught a couple of combats and balance and even did a pump/balance combo. With little motivation it’s been difficult though to make a big difference as well as the fact that Alexander has led me astray a bit when it comes to healthy eating and I’ve lost my old good habits.

So we made a deal that on returning to The Netherlands we’d aim at trying to achieve a junk food free household… least for a couple of months till I get back on track.

So my training program is going to start here, with about 17 kg to lose. I’ll weigh in on Monday’s starting this Monday, and chart myprogress online to ensure I stay on track. I do have to be careful of course as I am breastfeeding, but I can lose weight safely as long as I continue to eat enough healthy foods. I plan to mainly cut out unhealthy food andyy commence a regular exercise program.

I did try jogging this morning, with 1 minute intervals between walking and jogging, but I can tell my body isn’t ready for jogging yet. It caused me a bit of pain through the hip area which is a result of the pregnancy hormones which can stick around for up to 6 months. I need to find another way to get my heart rate up, because my heart rate was falling too much each time I walked and I could only get it up to about 150 bpm and walking it was only around 120bpm. I’d like to keep it up above 150bpm for longer periods of time.

So on Monday we’ll hopefully get me registered at the gym and I can start a training schedule for  myself based around classes and maybe using cardio equipment and weights. Alexander and I have agreed, that Saturday will be a day off with our chance to go out or enjoy some less healthy foods.