Body Combat 34This release I think is slowly growing on me a bit more. I never disliked this release, but I guess with lower energy levels due to being pregnant I’m finding everything getting harder to learn and keep into. I didn’t make it through combat at the workshop cuz I’d already done pump and attack, and so part of me is frustrated at not having done it.

However, teaching it the first time tonight was fun.

1 – Love the warmup, it’s pretty cool. The shuffle-ginga’s are awkward to pick up for the first couple of reps but once you’ve got it, you’ve got it. I felt so uncoordinated when I tried it at the workshop, but then I was also exhausted at that point and I was dizzy cuz I guess my blood sugars were low.

2. Fairly straight foward chorrey to learn. Catchy music. I like this one.

3. This was the last track I did at the workshop, and at that point I was struggling somehow with the timing. My brain must have been way out of it, cuz there’s really no issue at all. Ok track.

4. Choreography wise I love this track, huge challenge and you’re legs just get heavier and heavier. I love it. The music though……hmmm, can’t really get into the music for this one.

5. Not sure about the music on this one either, don’t like the repetitive “down” “down”. Probably not one of my fav tracks since I feel like the SBDP is out of place here. It’s a good introduction for members before they unleash with it in muay thai, however I felt it was special as a muay thai bash the crap out of someone move. It doesn’t feel right in a jingly techno song.

6. Awesome. I was getting over Pink, but this one works. I love the sparring feel. Initially I had reservations cuz my concern is that the chorrey would encourage sloppier technique, but on the other hand it kinda simulates sparring and real life defence, which in reality you can’t always use perfect technique when you’re trying to stop someone from killing you 😉

7. Not bad…..I always love unleashing with the street brawl. Nothing ever feels as good as “So What” though, but I think this one does alright.

8. Awesome, a chance to stop thinking. After the barrage of the last 40 minutes or so participants need this break mentally. Love the song, we’ve had a few great track 8’s in a row now 😉

9. Fantastic for something different, a bit of a smash and burn approach. No holds barred, no messing around, just a hundred or so crunches, lol. I haven’t counted them all yet, but there’s a lot.

10. Cool cooldown! I love this song, the kata is scary initially…..freaked my wrists out a bit. Forget the splits though, it’s not gonna happen!

I’m stunned

I’ve been having sports massages for quite a while and I have to say I’m a little stunned at what happened today. It’s going to be difficult to cut a long story short, but basically since I’ve been pregnant my massage therapist has become a little “strong” in her advice/opinion/orders about what I should or shouldn’t be doing.

One thing that happens during pregnancy is that you get lots of unwanted advice. You get used to that pretty quickly, but this has been a little different. Initially she annoyed me, telling me I must drink 4 glasses of milk or I won’t be able to breastfeed, hounding me about getting enough iron and lecturing me on my eating (I won’t even comment on her own diet). I’ve been pretty happy with my pregnancy so far, since I’ve had next to no morning sickness and my diet is probably healthier than most of the population. I’m fit, healthy and I listen to my body.

At 6 weeks pregnant said massage therapist was concerned about me even laying on my stomach. I said that I was still comfortable to lay on my stomach and would continue to do so till it was no longer comfortable. I was a bit annoyed when I found out that this massage therapist then complained to my friend that what I was doing was unsafe………my friend also sees her for massages, but just cuz she’s my friend doesn’t give a professional the right to talk about me! But I didn’t think too much of this, I just let it go.

When I was 10 weeks pregnant this massage therapist tried to tell me that I’d have to stop doing ab work, since my Rectus Abdominus was beginning to seperate. Since this kind of issue is part of my job I’m well aware of the impact of this, and I know that this doesn’t occur until around 24 weeks or thereabouts.

Over the next few weeks she began to annoy me a bit. She called me selfish (I never figured out exactly what for? Presumably cuz I didn’t cut down enough classes to her liking, but I didn’t quite figure it out?), told me I needed to go to pregnancy yoga, insisted I don’t do weights above my head and various other “advice”.

I was getting so sick of it that tonight I decided I wanted to make it clear to her that I was going to her for just a massage.

Due to my issues I’ve been having with my pelvis and laying on my back, I’ve discovered that I can lay on my back relaxed by putting a towel under my butt, tilting my pelvis back slightly and flattening my back a bit. When I asked to do this she wasn’t impressed and started prescribing walking in water as an exercise for me. She explained that the towel was bad for my back cuz it was creating too much lordosis in my back and putting too much pressure on my spine. She rambled a bit about how the placenta was probably at the front causing extra weight there and creating lordosis.

I calmly explained to her that actually, the towel was tilting my pelvis so that there was LESS lordosis and that I’ve had 10 years of back issues (read “My Story” if you’re interested) and that my spine actually has too little lordosis, so a little bit there is probably a good thing. She argued and insisted the towel was bad and I said “look, it’s the only way I can lay on my back without pain, I’ve been managing my back problems for 10 years, I’m a qualified fitness professional and I think I have a pretty good idea by now how to manage my problems”.

She got pretty uptight at some point, and said that she couldn’t “manage me” if I didn’t do what she said, and I explained “you’re not my obstetrician, and I don’t come to you for fitness advice, I come to you for a massage and I’d appreciate if you’d just do what you’re good at”. She continued to say that if she couldn’t “manage me” then she’d recommend another massage therapist to me.

I felt pretty surprised at this point. I spoke calmly and I explained to her that I felt she needed to update her pregnancy knowledge, since much of it was out of date and that I’d appreciate if she stuck to what I paid her to do.

At the end of the massage I didn’t see her as I came out, I have no idea if she was avoiding me, but I got a call 10 mins later from the receptionist explaining to me that my future appointments had been cancelled and asked me if I needed any recommendations for another massage therapist. I said that wouldn’t be necessary.

I can’t quite believe how she reacted. Feedback can be pretty upsetting, and in my position I’m particularly aware of that since in my job it’s something you always get.  However as a professional you have to remain professional about it. There was nothing professional in the way she reacted whatsoever and it concerns me the way she was so strong willed in the way she gave her advice.

On top of this, being pregnant I felt more upset following this encounter than I normally would have. It sucks being so fragile, but it makes me even more annoyed that she’d treat a pregnant woman in this way, when we need a little bit more tenderness and understanding during this time.


It looks like I might be giving up teaching attack for a while, although it’s earlier than I would have given it up on the basis of pregnancy, however it’s no longer viable for the gym to keep the one attack class I teach going.

The numbers in this class on a Saturday morning used to be great, but at that time there was a stronger attack presence on the timetable. But due to lack of availability of instructors, the other attack classes disappeared. I was teaching the only 2 classes left, Friday night and Saturday morning, but I gave up Friday night because I had too many classes and it was too tough. So the Friday night was changed into a combat.

So now I’m the only attack instructor, there’s no fill in for me and there’s only the one class left on Saturday morning. That combined with the lead up to Christmas has resulted in a drop in numbers. So at my suggestion we’ve changed a pump/attack/balance triple to just pump/balance.

So that means I won’t be launching the new attack, which relieves the pressure a little and means I will only learn 3 sets of chorrey. And being 4 months pregnant now it’s probably a good time to stop doing triples although I wasn’t ready to give it up yet (I’m stubborn ok) 😉

I will continue participating in an attack class each week at another gym though while I can. I don’t want to give up my fitness that quickly!

ipod resurrection

My ipod has been dead for about 2 or 3 weeks after it died I did managed to get it come on once, I was hoping to do a “restore” to see if I could fix the problem, but then it died again before I was able to. Since then it’s been a total flat line and no chance of a restore.

But last night, still pressing buttons and still hopeful it might suddenly come on again, I accidently dropped it.

Ipod came on 😯

So I quickly did a restore, put all my data back on there…….and it works!

For now….

I’ll test it lots by using it first before I try it in classes again though.

Do you live at home?

Today I said a statement, a question that is used quite often, yet it struck me as quite ridiculous.

I was having a briefing session with a guy that I’ve got working for me on a new project (keep your eyes peeling for this, there’s gonna be some stuff happening for, but it’s all a secret for now), and I happened to ask him, “do you live at home?”

At that moment it occured to me that EVERYONE lives at home, yet it’s not really what we mean. Of course, everyone knows it means living with your parents. But it still made me laugh anyway…….sometimes the English language is stupid.

On another note, loving the beautiful weather here. I’ve had some comments from people mentioning how they’re struggling with this hot weather and it’s making them feel a bit sick………….yet I’d only mildly noticed that I’m no longer getting goosebumps. 🙂

Yep, I love 30C+ weather.

Update on back

I have finally discovered a pain free way of laying on my back on a hard surface, which solves my problem with laying on the bench in pump. With my experience in having a previous back injury, plus how in tune I am with core abdominal strength, I trialled paying extra focus to this in pump……….and it worked.

I guess my hips are pretty unstable and feel all floppy cuz of the hormones, partiularly the relaxin, but I have found a way of paying extra attention to the positioning of my pelvis and concentrating more on the abdominal bracing. This means I can sit up from the tracks now without gritting my teeth in agony, yay.

The drawback is I still get pain if I relax laying on my back (hard surface only), which means it’s kinda out for the meditation in balance. I’m not particularly keen on doing abdominal bracing through a track that is supposed to be relaxing everything. But that’s easy, I can just lay on my side.

I’m relieved to know I can continue teaching pump for a while yet!

Adelaide Workshop – Q4 2007

So I forgot to register in time to get my DVD’s at the workshop, but I still remembered to go! 😉

I taught my pump class in the morning then headed straight to the workshop. I intended to line up for Attack and/or Combat, not really sure if I could do both of them now that I’m 14 weeks pregnant. I am feeling the need to slow up a little.

So I did attack, honestly I guess I was a bit tired and I don’t remember much. I remember being surprised at all the new combo’s discussed in the education session. But it wasn’t too hard although I’m slightly more uncoordinated at the moment, so I floundered in a couple of places, but I’m sure I wouldn’t have normally. The first thing I remember is a pump track, followed by a pump track, followed later by a balance track. In the warmup I kept wanting to stop in the same places where we would in pump…..haha.

My shoulder injury has been playing up quite badly lately due to all the hormones. So near the end of the attack I stopped doing some of the armlines. I didn’t feel I worked all that hard, so when we hit the plyo lunges in track 9 I felt quite good. My shoulder was hurting, but luckily plyo lunges don’t use my shoulder 😉

The structure of this release reminds me a lot of BA51 actually, which is the one I’ve been teaching at the moment!

One thing that made me cringe is in the new hop turn (which during the education I thought they were saying “hot turn” 😳 ), some of the guys at the back were throwing their hands in the air having fun and turning it into a dance aeroplane thing. I guess the thing that bothers me is that who knows if these instructors are going to teach it like this “for fun”. That’s scary, cuz attack is all about posture, strong, agility. There was nothing attack like about what they were doing at all, and while fun is good, I also think it’s important to stay in the essence of the program. Let’s hope they don’t actually teach it like this!

For combat, I was expecting to have the education prior to doing the class, but then they surprised me by going straight into it. I really began to feel fatigue and by track 3 I knew I was really hungry and needed food (don’t deny a pregnant girl her food!!!!). So I actually left the class for the first time ever and got something to eat…..sitting and watching for the rest of it (well, talking I guess 😉 ).

I didn’t stay to watch pump, and balance was early in the morning so no chance to go to that one. Once I get my DVD’s I’ll be able to see what they’re all like then. I’ve got heaps of spare time for learning now that I catch the train into the city to work. So no more learning chorrey while driving perhaps?

Sports massage

Still been a bit achy since my chiro appointment and today my long overdue sports massage finally came up!

As usual it was a great massage, but the thing that scares me is that it was still quite painful to lie on my back on a firm surface. Since the massage table is relatively firm, and there was some time where I was on my back for a while, I got to feel just how bad my back is. I thought that since she’d be releasing the muscles by that point I wouldn’t have been that bad.

By the end of the massage, not only did I have to get up slowly, I felt like a complete cripple. The crazy thing is I feel fine exercising and sitting down…….I just can’t lay flat on my back! Completely inconsistent with any injury I’ve had in the past.

But I guess the major thing that came out of today, is I’ve realised just how bad it is. I’ve kinda been in denial I guess, thought it was just cuz I needed a massage.  But today has made me realise that there’s more going on.

At least I’ve got another chiro appointment in 2 weeks, then another massage I think the week after. Hopefully I’ll improve. Either that or it’s the slow decline through pregnancy…….ugh.

Cigarette Smoking

Since I’ve been working in the city I can’t help but comment on this disgusting habit. When I go to get my lunch, I can’t walk outside without walking through a general smog of cigarette smoke. People stand everywhere just outside business and fag away.

Probably my biggest pet hate is the people who stand just on the edges of Boost Juice (on King William Street near Rundle Mall). The shop front opens out onto the side walk, and even though smoking is not permitted inside, people seem to think it’s ok to just stand on the edge and lean in, cuz there’s no door. As a pregnant lady, I can’t even get a HEALTHY boost juice without being subjected to having to stand near people who must insist on sharing their dirty habits.

Ok, it’s obvious I’m pretty pissed off about it, but I’m soooo glad that smoking has been banned from Pubs and Nightclubs.

Seriously smokers, if you must smoke, then smoke………..but don’t make other people, particularly ladies that are pregnant (and cigarette smoke is known and proven to cause harm to the fetus), be subjected to your habit.

A little bit of respect please!


My back has been playing up lately and my body falling apart due to all the hormones. But cuz of work I haven’t been able to get in to see my chiro or have a sports massage for AGES.

Booked this ages ago, but I finally got to see my chiro tonight. I’ve seriously been counting down the days till I saw him.

Although I’ve had lots of back injury in the past (as is described in “My Story”), what I’m experiencing now is a bit different. I’m assuming it’s a result of the hormones making all my ligaments lax.  Either way, it doesn’t seem good.  Most of the time I’m ok, but whenever I lay on a hard surface, ie. the bench in pump or in bodybalance meditation, it’s really painful for me to get up. I have to go slow, which is difficult when I’m teaching a class, so I just have to smile and pretend it doesn’t hurt. On top of that the last 2 days I haven’t been able to turn my head, seems I’ve put my neck out.

So when I saw the chiro I was a bit of a mess, he had to do quite a lot of “adjusting”. Enough so that while I felt instant incredible relief……..I also felt a lot of muscle achiness, due to having been out so badly for so long. For the first time in a LONG time I heard him say the words “You’ll need to come back in a couple of weeks”. That said it all really.

Adelaide Workshops

wow, life has been keeping me busy. Not only have I not been able to update my blog as much (notice I’m trying to make a bit of an effort here? lol) but also the Adelaide workshops have completely crept up on me! So much so, that I completely forgot to register, despite the email and SMS reminders from LMAP.

So this morning I managed to squeeze in on the exceptions list to get in for the workshop, but I’ll have to get my DVD packs posted to me……..grrrrr.

I’ll be teaching my Pump class in the morning, I’ve got someone else doing my balance, and so I’m trying to decide from attack and/or combat at the workshop. Normally I could manage the 3 classes fine, but I remember last time I was quite hot in there and now that I’m pregnant I’m not as strong as I was. Think I might just see how I go?

Now that it’s open news about my pregnancy, now it should be clear one of the reasons why I chose to do Vive training when I did. I’m not teaching it yet though so I’m not purchasing the DVD pack this time around. I’ll grab it when it’s cheaper as a discount 😀

But, when I get to the point where I might have to give up attack and/or combat, at least Vive gives me the opportunity to continue teaching another program, if something comes up.

Besides, I like being multi-skilled. 😉


I can’t believe it, I’ve finally been sucked in to Facebook. Previously I had resisted all people trying to convince me to go on there, cuz I just don’t have time for “another website”. I’m on myspace, but I never use it. I’ve got my own sites keeping me occupied, plus

But, I finally signed up and I can see they’ve done a damn good job at creating that site. Even for a dialup user they’ve made it way too easy to get integrated into the network. I’m not really sure how that happened to me! It wasn’t just all the people adding me, it’s that the applications and stuff, I dunno, they sneak you in.

The nice thing I like about it too is that I can add this blog to my facebook as an RSS feed…….nice 😉