oooh, I’ve figured out how to get on msn. I forgot that I’d changed my password a while back.

Also, just took this piccie of outside the window. Looks soooo European, lol.

 Outside Alex’s apartment


Finally I feel refreshed and energised after a good sleep. At the moment I’m up pretty early (after a 10 hour sleep) while Alex still sleeps. I managed to stay up till about 8pm yesterday (which is 5.30am Adelaide time) and although I woke up a few times at odd hours and also started craving vegemite toast at 3am, at least I managed to sleep through to a “reasonable” time in NL time.

I have to say that the whole trip wasn’t quite as hard as I was expecting. I’d heard so many people talk about how crappy the long flight is and how hard it is that I was expecting the worst. Ok, it wasn’t nice, but I coped better than I expected. I guess it’s a bit like the combat challenge (or the other Les Mils training challenges) that people talk so much about how hard it is, and you pschye yourself up for the worst so that when the time comes you go “oh that wasn’t too bad!”

I can’t seem to remember where most of the day went yesterday? I don’t recall doing a whole day of stuff cuz I was just so exhausted and jetlagged. I do remember we went shopping in the afternoon here (which is sometime after midnight Adelaide time). I couldn’t help but notice how everyone looked at me when they heard me speaking English in the supermarket. I dunno if it’s cuz I was speaking English or if it was my accent (probably both?) but I just found it amusing anyway.

I tried to log onto my msn this morning, but it’s giving me an error message in dutch so I dunno what’s wrong, lol. So if you see either of us online on msn just check who you’re talking to 😉  It’s also pretty wacky typing my blog posts cuz whenever I try to use “quotes” it starts doing weird dutch characters like  ï. I always used to wonder how they had those characters on the keyboard.

I just don’t want to leave the buildings at the moment. Going from the house to the car and I’m verging on hypothermia! Alex tells me that as soon as he gets a bike to borrow we won’t be using the car much cuz it’s always quicker (and cheaper) on bike here). Oh great, I hope I begin to acclimatise to the cold in some way!

I’m not sure what is planned for today, although I think Alex has kept it a relatively quiet day to allow me to recover a bit. One of the first things I’ve felt since my 24 hour travel is I’m hanging out for a balance class! I think I might even just do it on my own here at some time cuz there’s no balance till Thursday at Alex’s gym. I’m tempted to do pump tonight though. I’d rather do combat or balance though but the timetable seems to offer mainly just pump. I feel like I’ve gotta move, although depends on how tired and jetlagged I feel by the evening?