Dare to combat

I finally went back to combat last night following the dreaded “sneeze”. The strain in my SI joint seemed to take it fine and I’m finally on the mend again and can start to build strength and fitness again.

In the meantime I’ve been doing a lot of vive, pilates and balance fill ins, and the extra glute stretching and strengthing has really helped a lot. I’m pretty sure the key now to getting back the strength I had is to work on my glutes, which have become tight, hard and weak. The pilates classes have made me hardly be able to do the hamstring curls in bodyvive, lol………so lots of glute stuff going on.

The thing is, I’ve been doing balance so long that teaching “active” classes has reminded me about the “fun” active side of teaching. So the slightly crazy side is coming back out. Which means, last night after doing combat first, in my balance class there was a thunder storm (and being in an upstairs fitness room with 3 sides of glass windows it was pretty awesome) so Sun Warrior became “Thunder Warrior”. In a previous vive class, the pose in the cooldown where you roll onto your side over your arm, that pose felt so “delicious” that I now call it “de lekker bevaging” (the delicious move……I expect it sounds funnier in Dutch). Well hey, since it doesn’t have a name, I had to make one up!

But as for my first class back to combat, it was awesome to do combat again! First time I did the entire release of BC40 and it’s not a bad release. I love track 3………SPEEDBALL…….the music really motivates me in that track and my shoulders are CAINING me this morning. Track 7 I think really doesn’t work. I know some people have that kind of music taste, and personally I’m pretty open to many different music types, but the choreography in this track really doesn’t work with the song, meaning for some people this is just going to be a rough song with some poor moves thrown in.

Need to do this release a few more times to get a better feel for it though.



With most people going on holidays at the moment (it’s the summer vacation period here), it means I’m doing a few extra fill ins, and today I did my first vive fill in. I haven’t done a lot of vive since I did my training on BV4, but I’ve noticed while the music seems a bit cooler, the difficulty in the choreography hasn’t changed.

I don’t get why this program has such difficult and unintuitive choreography? I mean, I guess the participants don’t really notice the difference cuz they just follow the instructor, but for a program that is supposed to be an entry level program and for the “fragile eggs” in the fitness industry, I really don’t think they should have difficult “off phrase” movement combinations.

Most of the class is ok, but for example in track 2 “Jump”, the combination has to start on counts 5 & 6 and finishes on 3 & 4. I mean, I can get it, and the moves go with the “Jump” lyrics in the music, but comon surely this can be choreographed better so that it’s not off phrase? The other programs i can mostly learn just off the notes and DVD without having to physically do it (BODYATTACK, BODYPUMP, BODYCOMBAT, BODYBALANCE), but just this one stupid move I had to practice several times to make sure I would get it right (it just doesn’t feel natural for me to move off phrase), and even then, I still made a mistake in the class.

Track 3 has a more complicated move that resembles a move in BODYJAM. Hubby tells me he saw it in jam also although it’s a bit more complicated in jam I guess.

During my training it was emphasised about the type of people doing BV, and we were taught things like, if people couldn’t get up off the floor how they could do move sitting on the edge of the stage so they could still get up, and how others could do some of the moves sitting in a chair. Judging on this latest release it doesn’t look like they’re targeting that market anymore especially not with “Ponies” in track 5.

On another note, the presenter’s voice of track 5 on the video reminds me exactly of Jo’s voice teaching attack back at Goodlife. Especially with doing hamstring curls, step touches and ponies, I feel like I’m in Jo’s attack class again!

Epe fillin

ah so now I’ve been asked to do a fill in at another centre, which isn’t a problem in itself, but it means I have to drive on….


…..the freeway….


This is quite scarey for me, which I can’t remember if I’ve explained before, but the people here drive on the freeway crazy compared with tiny ol’ Adelaide that only has one freeway it can really call a proper freeway. And here, they drive pretty much the same style at 120km (or faster……..mostly faster) as we do at 60km on Main North Road. So to sum up, it’s a bit scary.

Before going to the class I was therefore more nervous about driving on freeway than ever about teaching the class…….especially cuz teaching classes, even at strange gyms just doesn’t make me nervous these days. But I was trembling holding onto the steering wheel while driving onto the freeway. Luckily the freeway was pretty quiet by Dutch standards and I could easily get on to the freeway, and I like it when there’s a truck in front of me and I can just sit behind the truck while all other cars overtake. On when the left lane is clear do I dare to try overtaking.

Well, it’s only my second time alone on the freeway and me and tom (tom) got there and back safely. Oh and the class went fine aswell, and I’m filling in again next week (another drive on the freeway…….oh dear).  


We finally had our launches for BODYBALANCE 45 ( our launches are a LOT behind Australia I know!) and I taught the standing strength track out of the half block we presented (the other other was pilates, as it was an express block format for the launches).

Since at the launch there’s lots of new people trying out the classes, I tried really hard to use as much dutch as possible. This is a huge challenge for me with new choreography, and I don’t teach it as well (it just flows better in your own language, and people tell me that balance sounds better in English anyhow), but I think I did ok with some of my new words.

My new favourite word of the moment is “Drai” (I have no idea of the spelling!) which means “turn”. I use it all the time now:

  • Turn your toes left
  • Turn yourself to the back wall
  • Turn your shoulder out
  • Turn your knee out
  • Turn you hips forward

The different examples are endless………..a very useful word to know in Dutch for teaching balance classes 🙂

Anyway the launch went well, and I was doing the options, which was a good thing since my sacroilliac was still a bit tender and some of the moves were still a little painful for me, such as the full cobra/up dog.

And I really like the track I had to present aswell…….very nice track.