Aussie Mix

When I first started announcing to participants that I was going, I planned on doing an “aussie mix” for them, but then with the Apeldoorn gym ditching me over a technicality with a contract that doesn’t, as far as I know, appear to exist, I wasn’t sure if I’d get a chance to say goodbye to all the participants with an aussie mix of songs.

But last night I got a message from Epe asking if I could teach this week. Apparently the instructor they had to replace me has heart troubles and ended up in hospital. So I quickly tried to whip up some Aussie tracks but didn’t quite have time to learn all of them.

So this is what I ended up with:

1. Silver BB18 (no aussie songs for this one)
2. We’re all beautiful BB21 (Didn’t have the video for Goodnight Moon in my ipod and had no time to get out the DVD)
3. God’s Top 10 BB34 (ALWAYS know the chorrey for this one and it’s a standing strength classic)
4. All for believing (BB30)
5. Shiver (thanks for this one Pam, love the track and it’s easy chorrey to remember)
6. Family Affair BB22 (haven’t done this one in ages and no aussie ab tracks)
7. The Rising BB22 (just followed on from the same release for the ab track. Had planned Counting down the days, but didn’t have time to go over the chorrey)
8. No Ordinary Thing
9. Veni Redemptor Gentium BB22 (was going to do Bathe in the river, but during the class wasn’t confident I knew the chorrey well enough, so I pulled out this old classic at the last minute)
10. Evenstar BB21
11. Song From A Secret Garden (Songs are used in Lord of the Rings, which is filmed in NZ, so it kinda fits )

The participants really liked this mix and it got a huge reaction after the class, especially because they’re not used to much mixing. In particular "Silver" got a huge reaction immediately after the track, with participants responding with "heerlijk"……….which is a pretty huge compliment in Dutch  🙂

Not taking it so well…

Well ever since I gave my notice at the gyms I work at, it hasn’t gone so well. I found out at the gym I teach in Apeldoorn that the months notice I give is supposed to be a CALENDAR month. I’ve never ever heard of this, and I thought if I gave my notice on 9th December, this would mean I would work till 9th January. But it’s no so, I’m apparently supposed to give notice on the 1st, so this would mean I am supposed to work till 31st January.

Since we’re only talking about 1 balance class, I asked to negotiate. I teach 2 classes at this gym, but the other is a team teach, so there’s no problem with having an instructor for the other class. So this is just one, 1 hour class on Friday mornings which they pay me peanuts for. I was told they “would get back to me”. I asked them to get back to me urgently since I was about to book flights and cancel stuff etc……most of the processes in fact were already underway, Alex had already quit his job for 31st Dec and we were about to finalise the shipping for 4th January. In the meantime I searched for my contract where it said a “calendar months notice” and I didn’t appear to have one.

So, when they didn’t get back to me, I had to go ahead a book flights before they became unavailable, it already cost me extra for delaying so long and I’ve paid pretty expensive flights. The GFM in the meantime went off on holidays and told NOBODY that I was in fact leaving. When she got back, I got told that she wasn’t able to do anything, therefore I had to work till 31st January. I nicely explained that this wouldn’t be possible to mess up my plans for one gym class and asked for a copy of my contract. The next day I was told that my employment was terminated immediately.

I don’t get this? I have a strong suspicion that they haven’t properly inducted me into my employment and that this contract doesn’t exist, so they only have themselves to blame for not informing me properly of the procedures. I was perfectly willing to help out until I left, but instead they’ve totally cut me off. It’s not loss to me, since I never did it ever for the money……I did it cuz I love Les Mills. So it’s their loss if they cannot fill the classes in in the meantime.

The other gym I teach at in Epe is a slightly different scenario and they seem pretty cool about it. I have a zero hour contract, which is basically the casual employment that aussie instructors are used to. So I can resign whenever, but I still gave them a months notice to find someone and I’m willing to stop teaching as soon as they get an instructor. In yesterdays class they were trying out a new instructor, so last week might have been my last class until I get back to Oz!

Returning to Australia

Well it’s official, as I announced on Facebook last week, we are returning to Australia to live permanently. I’ve been really needing this and desperate to return home to be with my friends and family again. The culture here in the Netherlands just isn’t for me. I’ve given it a go, I’ve tried it, but I cannot stay because I know I will be miserable here.

I like the food. I like partially the “no sueing” mentality. There’s still a large sense of people having to be responsible for themselves. I like the 120km speed limit and the police not being quite so obsessed about it if you’re 6.3km over the speed limit. I like not having to water the garden (not that I have one). I like the drinking water.

But the things that make it unable for me to cope here is the constant grey cloud that hangs over the place. I don’t like the sense of being cramped and overpopulated. The fact that most of summer isn’t a whole lot warmer than the aussie winter. The fact that it takes around 2-5 years to become close enough to someone to call them a “friend”. I don’t like the sometimes horrendous speeds on the freeways and the lack of regard for the law. Or the really poor medical system at “base level”……. the “huisarts”. I don’t like the obsession with really strict policies when it just doesn’t, or shouldn’t matter…..but then when it does matter there is a complete lack of regard, ie. security in childcare centres.

It’s difficult to list everything, but there’s no need to. I’m going home, that’s all that matters 🙂

I’m getting really nervous now though about all the relocation stuff. Cancelling things isn’t just quite so straight forward here. They want to bind you in for life, and you’re not supposed to move house or die, let alone move countries. But hopefully we’ll get there. Getting pressed for time since it’s less than 1 month now. It’s going to be difficult to give the required notice for all the official departments such as childcare, apartment, phones, cable etc etc.