Day after Pro-instructor

I taught BP/BB last night, and it was weird. You look at our class in a whole different light. I was actually “thinking” about what I was saying (that’s something very very new to me!). The entire class was surreal, and although it wasn’t like I was doing anything hugely different, there was a slight shift……..and I felt the difference in the class.

Also, in BB…….a group of people in the class suddenly got the ankle cross lift………and I don’t think that was an accident! As I said before, I didn’t really teach different, it’s just SOMETHING was different.

Almost sounds spiritual what I’m saying……..preaching about.

This course is actually less about the five key elements, and more about how you THINK about things.

They also teach you how to use the DISC profiles in your teaching……….like REALLY use it. Most instructors are I’s and teach like I’s (fun etc), but that’s really only nice for the I’s in your class…….meanwhile you piss off the D’s, S’s and C’s icon_wink.gif

Pro-instructor Day 2

Just back from day 2. OMG, it’s such an eye opener. A whole new world of teaching!

I didn’t know what to expect when I first when into the course, but I tell ya, it’s even better than you expect!

You kinda get the assumption that being a “pro-instructor” course you’d be focussing on the 5 key elements, performance etc, and “shining” as an instructor. But it’s NOT. The course delves more into inclusive language, and avoiding using things like “I want you to….” etc. You go through the DISC profile and then specifically apply the DISC profile to teaching individual tracks.

There’s so so so much more, but I couldn’t possibly explain it all. It’s AWESOME and really opens your eyes up to what you actually “say”, rather than just “performing” all the time (especially when you studying the DISC profiles).

Today I ended up going with balance, and I did the tai chi warmup from 33. Afterwards Garry immediately asked me to do BB on the third day aswell, because balance definately suits me more (remember this is on a “pro-instructor” level). The only feedback I got from Garry was that my tai chi ball was too high (should be by the belly), and the arm circles need to flow more (I was exaggerating the “pause” too much…..I need to look at the video again). But apart from that my cueing appears to be spot on, which I kinda feel uneasy about cuz I feel like “well there must be something I could improve?” Now I guess I need to just focus on another track and show Garry that I can demonstrate contrast in another track.

Day 3 we’re also going to learn how to do assessments of other instructors…………formal assessments, cuz that’s something that’s really lacking in this industry…..

This next month though, gawd I don’t think my teaching will ever be the same. This is a whole new world! Everyone, if this ends up going global and it comes near you, DO IT……….if you’re really serious about teaching and serious about improving you gotta do it!

Pro-instructor Day 1

Oh my gawd, just back from day 1……….my head is spinning!

so much to think about…………and the fitness testing…….oh wow!

I’ve never done a beep test before, so that was interesting! I sucked completely at the pushups, cuz 9 months of having a rotator cuff injury has made me lose a LOT of strength. Also, when you do the pushups, you don’t do body pump pushups, you have to touch your chest to the floor. After having already done the beep test and the agility test I sucked! Only managed to do 10 in 1 minute…..arrrrgh

The core test………..OMG!

we had to do a hover for 60sec
then lift 1 arm for 15 secs
lift the other arm for 15 sec
lift 1 leg 15 sec
lift other leg 15 sec
then lift 1 arm 1 leg icon_eek.gif (from a HOVER position) 15 sec
lift other arm and other leg 15 sec
hover for 30 sec

the squat test was cool though……….did GREAT on that………but I know I could have done better now that I’ve had 1 practise. Had to squat as many times as possible in 1 min with 30 kg (40kg for men). Easy really……..I got 41, but now I know what to do it’ll be easy to increase on that.

Kim Knott is doing Pro-Instructor with us, and that was cool to watch, she got 60 icon_razz.gif

presentations? ugh……….I haven’t been so nervous in a long time!

That’s all I can get out for now, my head is just reeling……… much to think about. More presentations for tomorrow….

Phone call from Garry

update………got a phone call from Garry Hart himself today to check if I was all set and prepared for the Pro-instructor weekend (how cool is that? personalised huh?)……….and he was asking which program I was gonna do (cuz I hadn’t nominated which one yet)…..

anyways, I told him that I was struggling to decide between the 2 programs, and he said I could do both then if I wanted! One program on sat, the other on sun………but I’d need to decide on which for the final third day in a months time.

It’s not “normal” to do 2 programs……….but us instructors don’t always fit into the “norm” it seems icon_lol.gif

but that means I have to prepare FOUR tracks! icon_rolleyes.gif
sooooo………….now my decision is even tougher, do I do balance, combat or both? icon_lol.gif

Taekwondo Update

Just a little update………there’s now gradings every 6 weeks, instead of every 3 months, meaning the next grading is in 2 weeks.

I missed last week though, so hopefully that doesn’t set me back to much to go for the grading in 2 weeks.

Learning 3 step sparring and more blocks icon_eek.gif

Got thrown into the deep end last night with the 8th grade pattern. Doesn’t pay to miss a week icon_eek.gif
Shona’s kids have taken me through it now though, so I think I’ve got it. But the turn into the twin forearm block gets me nearly everytime!

oh, and I’ve surrendered and drawn a big L and R on the back of my hands, cuz I just couldn’t cope icon_lol.gif
Everyone laughs at me, they just don’t get it icon_lol.gif


I’ve booked into a Pro-Instructor course this weekend (it’s a new advanced training package in Australia, and this is the first one to be held in Adelaide), and as part of it they do fitness testing etc. But if you teach more than one program, you have to nominate a program that you are going to use for the weekend……presumably the program you’re best at.

I do pump balance and combat, and I can’t decide which between combat and balance.

I trained in BC and BB around the same time (2.5 years ago), and I’m pretty strong in both of them. There’s pros and cons for both – with BC, it’s easier to get the “motivated” hyped up feeling, but I don’t really have a martial arts background, which can reflect in tech (except for the fact that I have started taekwondo recently, but that doesn’t really count yet).
With balance, it’s easier to teach, easier to CRC and “connect”, but they’ll also test flexibility. I’m pretty flexible in terms of the “real” world……..but I can’t fold myself in half or anything, and I do have some limitations in certain areas (ie. can’t do the reverse prayer… chest is too tight).

Also, I’m not sure my fitness level is quite what it was last year. I’ve been trying to fit in 1 attack class each week to help, but I also have my shoulder injury and stuff………so I wonder if I should choose balance?

Combat is so fun though……

arrrrrgh, I can’t choose! It’s too hard!

Adelaide Workshop – Q2

FINALLY they’ve picked up their game! Adelaide workshops have definately improved………although I still don’t think Tim’s gym is the ideal place. Good location, but too small, and no room to socialise and watch. I was sitting up the back watching attack (which looked like it ROCKED btw), and a stupid attacker at the back seemed to want to get further back, nearly trampling me…………despite the fact she had heaps of room in front of her! Jam was finally REAL fun. It’s only taken me 4 classes of doing 37 to finally get it, but it was FUN! And I got the TURN!!!! YAY! All in all, the presenters were all pretty awesome, they all knew their chorrey, there was plenty of volume (except in pump when they blew the fuse early on) and plenty of atmosphere. I just wish there was more room. There’s no changerooms, only 2 toilets, no where to sit really. If they had those things, then that location would nearly be considered perfect I just feel sorry for poor Kim though. She’s torn her calf muscle again……….on the OTHER leg

First Taekwondo Grading

My first time to a grading, and an interesting experience it was! Started off me arriving in my normal uniform, not realising that we MUST wear our white jackets as part of our uniform to the grading. So I was in my black taekwondo shirt, and everyone else was in white. I had several black belts all coming up to me asking where my jacket was, and then shortly after I was pulled out and had to wait till I could borrow someone elses jacket. Then into the changerooms to “switch”. Gawd I felt like a criminal! Anyway, so on to the grading, most of it was spent sitting down on a hard cold floor while the yellow belts got “punished” for not making enough noise. Then when our turn came along, we didn’t do much for long. Then at one point we had to do a side kick and then hold our leg out. My friend Shona was watching (her kids do taekwondo, that’s how I got into it) and apparently I was the ONLY one who didn’t wobble. Wont know until next week the results, but next week I will hopefully be wearing a YELLOW belt, and then (hopefully) the REAL fun will start!

Holding a side kickForearm guarding block

I’ve started taekwondo

I hadn’t officially announced this, but I guess now’s as good a time as any. I have taken up taekwondo about a month ago, and so I’m just a mere naive white belt.

Since I first ever started combat I was always very interested in taking up a martial art, but never quite did it. Also never knew which one to do.

Have to give credit to R1, as it’s his inspiration that has made me choose taekwondo. Basically, some martial arts (in my opinion) seem to attract arrogant people. I didn’t want that, and from what I can tell, R1’s (and others) attitude about martial arts (and his transition to combat) has always impressed me.

Then there’s the fact that taekwondo is similar to combat, so it’s useful for me to be doing a martial art that will assist me with combat.

First grading is next month, so I’ll get to see what it’s all about.

History of


Following the closure of the Les Mills International forums at, this left a community of fitness instructors on the internet “stranded”. The abrupt closure resulted in other unofficial forums springing up on the internet. These forums I felt had flaws, and at that point in time I was only a newly trained instructor in BODYCOMBAT (December 2003)


For some time I had been considering registering domain names and researching forum software. I already had a reliable host due to another website I was running. So on 19th January 2004 I registered Back then the Les Mills programs were also widely known as “Body Training Sytems”, hence the acronym “BTS”.

Not long after the initial launch of this site, I did my BODYBALANCE training in March 2004, as well as sitting the course for Certificate 3 in Fitness, which was a new requirement in Australia. Later in December 2004 I went on to do my BODYPUMP training aswell.

This kept me pretty busy teaching classes plus working a part time job as well……..not to mention running the forum too……phew!!!!


Meanwhile BTSTALK continued to grow. BTSTALK reached 300 members in July 2004, growing to a massive 1,500 members in June 2005. This huge growth in members meant that BTSTALK hit the milestone of 100,000 posts in August 2005.

As BTSTALK grew in size, this revealed the lack of clear rules or clear direction of the forum. This resulted in formal forum rules being drawn up and posted in March 2005, and have thankfully provided a clearer direction and future for the forum.


In May 2005, the BTS agent in the USA for Les Mills International “split”. At the time this caused quite a stir, and left the name of this website as “btstalk” in doubt. Waiting to see what would eventuate following “the split”, I did nothing. I waited to see how things would turn out and whether there would be a requirement to look into a new name. This has resulted in the birth of this new forum, and new url, to more generically cover the growing field of group fitness classes.