Launched BB35 with Jo this morning. It went well, I like teaching with Jo. BODYBALANCE 35
I’m really liking this release. I presented the last half, track 6 onwards. I’m really loving the abs and back track. Back to basics in the abs, but still effective. Good to see the backbend back. It’s been 8 releases since we last had it, and it goes with great music too which is awesome.

I love the way we do the pointers laying on our tummy and windmill the arms to change sides. Something new and fresh while still being the same effective move. It’s also a way we can do L & R without doing L&R, which is quite cute (ok, I’m easily amused).

I love the way we set up Eagle pose in the balance track, and the new way of stretching the hamstrings while crossing our legs really gives a different deeper feel. As for the half moon………well, it looks nothing like a moon, but a new challenging pose without being impossible – fantastic!


BODYPUMP 60Taught Body Pump 60 in it’s entirety for the first time tonight. I have to say, I’ve been witholding my opinion on this release until I actually did it, because my initial impression of the music only didn’t do a lot for me. But this release you DEFINATELY need to do the chorrey to get the feel for the release. It works much better than I thought it would.
This was an easy one to learn. I think I learnt it in record time this time around, learning the entire thing in about 3 hours. Ok, I made a few mistakes, but when I did I still knew where I was in the chorrey and exactly what mistake I’d made so that I was able to resume without anyone noticing.

There were a lot of groans after the shoulder track though. I think I did a few too many overhead presses. :blush:

The warmup has a bit of a different feel with it concluding in upright rows and overhead presses.

Squats didn’t end up being as hard as it looked on paper. When I was learning the chorrey I thought this one was going to be in the league of Voodoo Child, but it didn’t even come close.

Chest was straight forward, like this one more than I thought I would. Can probably up the weights in this one though.

Back track was definately a toughy, and I really felt the 20kg in this. I don’t always feel back tracks because I find that the limiting factor in my weights is the fact that I struggle to hold the bar. My hands fatigue long before the rest of my body does!

Triceps was definately a challenge! I’ve been doing California recently which has the challenging dips, however this tricep track has tougher bar work prior to the dips making this one HARDER than California. I’m not complaining though………I love the pain of dips. Dunno why but there’s something sadistic about being an instructor and just having to FORCE yourself through the pain threshold and out the other side 😛

I went straight to the bonus track with Cherry Pie for this one. I’ve been “flaunting it” for a while in attack, and while I was looking forward to seeing the track in pump, the completely different mix of the song has put me off learning this one straight away. I can see myself putting “singles” in all the wrong spots :blush:

Lunges………well, the education materials all say that doing this one on the bench works the front leg more. I reckon that’s crap, my rear leg CANED! The stage also has slippery carpet and despite me putting a plate under the bench as recommended, the bench still moved. I might use the square reebok steps in future. We have both at this gym.

Shoulders is awesome and powerful. Love the music, except as mentioned earlier I think I did too many single overhead presses. It was a bit tough 😛

Abs with Shakira is pretty cool.

Cooldown……….hmmmm, I’m undecided about whether I like this song. There’s a good bit in the middle of it, but in general I don’t really like opera type stuff.

Car accident

Well, by definition of the law I had an accident, but in reality I blew 2 tyres……ugh.

So I strayed and touched the curb while I was driving at least 80km/hr. Ok touching the curb is usually no big deal, however I did so at a point where there just happened to be a drain. You know……..where they have the big square concrete bit in the curb around the drain? I just so happened to touch that bit, and bang, 2 tyres smashed, me in shock not knowing quite what happened. I wasn’t 100% sure in the first few seconds that the tyres had gone, but I guessed something was probably pretty wrong when my hub caps went flying across the road. :shock:
So I pulled over contemplating what to do. Cars only come with 1 spare right? oh joy.

So I did what anyone would do and rang the RAA. Guess what? They wouldn’t come out because I had “hit” the curb, therefore by law it was classified as an accident. hmmmmm. So next I rang the number they gave to me and I have to get towed. Great.

Ended up being a stressful afternoon, but the resolution of it all in the end was that I got towed to a friend’s house nearby. Turns out they also had a Ford Falcon and they agreed to lend me their spare tyre. So with 2 spare tyres now on my car and 2 smashed tyres sitting in my boot I finally got home.

The bad news is the rims of the tyres are also stuffed. The good news is cuz it was a “car accident” (collision involving the curb…….oh my that sounds good) so I can claim it under insurance.

I think I might try to avoid curbs in future!

Nomad Onboard

I’ve just downloaded the coolest thing for my phone! I rarely use public transport………maybe once in a blue moon. But sitting here and comptemplating about going out for tea with Sofie in the city, and was thinking I should catch the train. While looking online for a train timetable, I saw this.

I’ve downloaded a little java app for my phone, installed it, and now I’ve got the train timetables on my phone. WOW!

First Try

ok so the first try at wearing contact lenses didn’t go down so well.

Well it wasn’t all bad, the optometrist put them in, and that was ok (apart from feeling very weird), but I had no luck getting them out. I just didn’t get what he was trying to tell me, and I felt like a newbie in BODYCOMBAT all over again. But now instead of trying to learn fighting moves, I was trying to grapple with an almost invisible piece of small plastic stuff stuck in my eye.

It surprised me though when I nearly passed out! Now that I wasn’t expecting. I mean, I do have a history of easily passing out, but I never thought a small piece of invisible stuff could do that to me. Anyways, I’m not giving up. I’m going to give it another go cuz there’s no way in the world that invisible plastic is going to beat me!

Contact Lenses

Ok, it looks like I might be getting myself some contact lenses!

I’ve been short sighted for years, but it’s never really bothered me, and I’ve only had classes just for driving at night on strange roads and for when it’s raining and stuff.

However, just recently my eye sight has been frustrating me. At the U2 concert last week I couldn’t see the screens too well, and then when I was shadowing attack the other instructor said “is that a spider there in the back corner?” I couldn’t even see a black speck let alone know it was a spider! I had to get within 1m of the back wall to see it.

I think I also miss out on a lot when I’m teaching classes……and I get frustrated with the fact that I can’t recognise any of the members that are at the back of the room!

Sooo, I booked myself an appointment with the optometrist (first time in 4 years or so) with the intention of seeing whether i can get contact lenses. I’m just NOT a glasses person……..I refuse to wear them!

So, I had my first appointment today (you have to have a normal appointment before you can consider a “contact lenses” appointment apparently). It appears that in 4 years or so my eyes have only degraded slightly, which is a good thing. I can still use my prescription glasses that I have (or NOT use them icon_razz.gif)……but even better it appears I can go ahead and trial contact lenses!

So, my first contact lense trial appointment is on Thursday. The trial is going to cost me $145 out of my own pocket, and the contact lenses themselves (if the trial is successful) wont be cheap, but private health insurance should cover some of that. I hope this will all be worth it, cuz I think I’m missing out on too much!

First attack class solo

ok, today was the first time I taught attack in it’s entirety………and at Zest, which is a bigger deal than my previous 2 classes (which I had help with). Today I had a girl shadowing me, which it’s eventually supposed to be her class but she doesn’t feel ready to teach it yet and hasn’t learnt any choreography yet. From the sounds of it, I expect I might be helping her out for a few weeks?

Anyway, I have to say I finally felt a lot more comfortable with the chorrey, and despite the fact that I was struggling learning track 9 from BA54, I nailed it with perfect chorrey………..haha, no idea how I did that!

While I haven’t really taught many tracks, all the classes I’ve been shadowing really does help. It means doing everything on the left leg comes more naturally and you don’t have to think about little things……….and in general just feel more comfortable with the program (and fitter!). I didn’t realise how much just shadowing alone would help me.

Gets bloody difficult to breathe though. That’ll take a bit of getting used to! Track 9 I was thinking how nice it would have been to hand the mic to someone else, but instead I just said “ok, have a quick drink and then let’s move on!” icon_lol.gif

that 2 second drink break was just enough (well not really) to allow me to suck in some more oxygen for the last track. oh and did I mention that we’ve just had our first really hot day today at 37C (had to happen today icon_rolleyes.gif )???? Think I was a little bit quieter in the last 2 tracks………quite an unusual experience for me. I think most people who know me would be cherishing that moment anyway icon_lol.gif

Onwards and upwards! Roll on BA55!!!!!

Catching up with me

ok tonight was hard………….I went way down in my weights in pump, and did attack/balance an hour later. But I really think all these classes is catching up with me.

Thank gawd I’ve got tomorrow night off my combat/balance double cuz I’m going to see U2.

Maybe I just need a good sleep…….{{{yawn}}} msn_sleep.gif

Adelaide Quarterly Workshop – Q4

This round of quarterlies was held over 2 days, with some classes on Saturday afternoon and the usual program for Sunday afternoon. It was a great idea and I think it worked fantastic! I’m doing 17 classes a week just at the moment, so doing the workshop was a challenge, particularly after teaching a pump/combat/balance triple Saturday morning, and then going to the workshop to do combat and attack. And it was sooooo HOT! It was quite humid, so the evaporative air-conditioning at the workshop didn’t cope too well. Aside from that, combat absolutely ROCKED! I’m going to love this release……..and the evasive side kick was definately the highlight. Loved the choreography in attack, but not sure how I feel yet about the music. Combat was so awesome that the attack music didn’t really stand out to me immediately. After all this effort, I then taught pump and balance Sunday morning…….and returned to the workshop to do balance, but not before crashing for an hour and sleeping at Georgia’s house to recover first. Balance seemed quite nice, but I have to admit I don’t remember a lot. Backbend is back, and I remember we’ve got a half moon. Love the simplicity of the ab track. After all this, Georgia, Sofie and I went and had tea nearby to catch up for a bit. Quite a big weekend and it didn’t even involve alcohol………haha