Applied @ Uni

For whatever reason I’m not quite sure of, I’ve just put in an application for graduate programs at university. Why oh why have I done this?

I was quite happy about having finally completed my degree in IT and no longer having to study. Am I nuts?

Someone throw me against a brick wall…


Did second day of bodytrainer course yesterday. Have to say I get a bit fidgety sitting on my butt all day. Was quite amusing cuz yesterday I ended up sitting next to Elle (Mel and Elle…….oh my……how confusing 😯 ) and we couldn’t help giggling at one point. She made a ring out of the lollies they provided for us (snakes, jelly babies, raspberries etc). She used the raspberry as the diamond on the ring, and somehow, just somehow it was so hilarious. We ended up cracking up laughing and just couldn’t stop………which got attention of course.

At that point the presenter looked at us and said “is there something funny you’d like to share with us?” 😆

She showed him her ring and he just rolled his eyes.

Geesh, we were acting like teenage kids……haha

Anyway, following that I got home fairly early, caught up on some forum stuff I had to do, PM’s, mods, and tried to read a few posts etc. Was feeling a bit grouchy though, so after responding to a couple of posts I knew I was getting a bit on the “strong” side…….so went to bed about 8.30pm (can you believe it???). Ended up getting woken up though by my housemate who’d fallen asleep on the lounge, snoring………which is just outside my bedroom door. Was a bit furious at that though and made him go to bed, and so I lay awake for about an hour before finally getting to sleep again…….so frustrating. Turns out he hadn’t tied the dogs up, had left all the lights on and the back door open………grrrr.

The triple I taught this morning (BP/BC/BB) was a bit tough. I dunno if it’s just the weather at the moment or not (hot, humid and raining) but it really was a struggle. I finally not feeling as sick as I was, but I’m still pretty tired, and now my shoulder seems to be playing up again. Maybe time to book in for a sports massage again?

24 hours

wow, yesterday I had to get up at 4.30am to do a Club Trainer shift…….and then I ended up going to bed 4.30am the next evening (morning?). That’s what you get when you talk too much 😳

Had my first assessment for BodyTrainer today with my PTM. Went rather smoothly. We ended up talking mainly Les Mills and fitness anyway, cuz my program I had to do with her was cardio, and well……..what else do you do but talk while your client is on a cardio machine? 😆

What a week!

Geesh, what a week it’s been!

ok, I’ve been pretty busy………..and tired. My last post a week ago I said I was feeling unwell, and I still am. I sometimes have a bit of a cough, but otherwise I don’t really know what’s wrong with me.

Last night I went to Fasta Pasta for tea with Georgia. It was great to catch up. We had the most amusing experience with the waitress there. There is such a thing as overdoing the service side of things….haha. Basically, this waitress seemed to be quite bored and circled us around our tables till we finished eating and then virtually pounced on us to take away whatever plate we’d just finished with! We ended up having some gelati later, and the “shark” was still circling us. I said to my friend “oh my god, I’ve only got 2 mouthfuls left…….HELP…….what do I do!!!!!!” We were cracking up laughing, it was so hard to try and remain serious, and when I finished the last mouthful I said to my friend:

“Let’s count how many seconds before she……”

Too late, at that moment she said “can I take that away for you?”

ARRRRRRGGGGGGH………..I said yes while still pissing myself laughing. I just COULDN’T keep a straight face. No way she’d have known what we were laughing about though.

Damn, I don’t normally EVER laugh at people in this way……..but I just couldn’t help it. It was way too unsettling sitting there eating dinner, being circled by a “shark”…….haha.

oh so tired

Didn’t do ANY classes at all yesterday and I still woke up very tired. I’m feeling a bit unwell at the moment. But by the time I got to combat I was feeling a lot better. Thank gawd I didn’t have to teach the triple though, those classes aren’t back till next Saturday, so just combat for this morning.

The class ended up feeling really good, I felt like I had lots of energy in the class despite feeling so crap first thing. I did a spontaneous random mix for combat and it was really fun to do some old tracks. I don’t normally like to mix old stuff with new stuff, but the mix this morning worked quite well. I did some tracks I wasn’t initially going to do but this is cuz I don’t have all the music on my ipod after reformatting my PC.

  1. Sometimes (BC15)
  2. Can’t Touch This (BC20) – Inspired by a class I heard from outside while I was doing a gym shift
  3. Calling From Tokyo (BC15)
  4. Take A Break (BC23)
  5. Faster Harder Scooter (BC16) – Forgot how much I loved this track!
  6. Vogue (BC29)
  7. The Trooper (BC29)
  8. Heartbeatz (BC29)
  9. Let’s Get It Started (BC22)
  10. Cry Little Sister (BC22)

Was gonna do YMCA for the recovery, but I forgot about that when I set my playlist. Oh well, I’ll do that one next time 😉

Sofie’s Step

First time I’ve done Body Step since I did Sofie’s class a year ago. Did Sofie’s BS class prior to the balance I was filling in this morning. Last week I also did the balance and was surprised to see Sofie teaching the class before me, so we made a deal this week that I’d do her step and she’d do my balance. Arrrrgggh, what did I get myself into? 😛

Anyways, I dragged a friend along that hadn’t done step before so it was all a bit of fun. I have no idea what release(s) she did, but I quite enjoyed the music. The only track I remember was When Will I Be Famous, loved that track in Jam and it’s pretty cool in step aswell. As for the moves I just had to concentrate hard. Main bit that confused me was when Sofie said “ok THIS one is a bit different” and I wasn’t quite sure what to do cuz I was thinking “hmmm, THIS one? um what do I do then?” and then realised we were supposed to keep going and then after THAT it was different. Haha, Sofie thought I was being lazy and stopping cuz I was tired or something, and it was like………nahhhh, I just don’t have a clue what I’m doing, lol. I was very sore though from yesterdays classes (I’m not sure why, I shouldn’t have been THAT sore, it was only 3 classes). You know you’re in trouble when your quads are screaming doing the hamstring curls in the warmup. 😯

I then taught balance which was an ok class. I taught a mix, learning it at the last minute. Went ok but I always hate not knowing the chorrey without having to think.

  1. Pilgrimmage (BB33)
  2. World On Fire (BB33)
  3. Beautiful (BB33)
  4. Love Should (BB31)
  5. Say What You Want (BB32)
  6. Crazy (BB31)
  7. One Step Too Far (BB32)
  8. Always On Your Side (BB33)
  9. Follow Me Home (BB33)
  10. Silent Wave (BB33)
  11. Numero Uno (BB33)


I filled in Attack again this morning but not the pump afterwards this time. However I did pump in the evening. For this reason I scrapped doing the evening attack cuz as much as I love doing it I didn’t want to make the same mistake as last week and smash myself. That knocked me out for days and my ankle has been feeling a bit dodgy lately.

For attack I did a mix for the first time. I think I did a good mix…….it’s not quite as straight forward as mixing the other programs and considering the limited releases I have to mix from (and the fact that learning attack chorrey to teach doesn’t come easily to me yet) I think I did ok.

  1. Be There (BA54)
  2. Hung Up (BA54)
  3. Paris To Berlin (BA53)
  4. Popcorn (BA52)
  5. We Be Burnin’ (BA53)
  6. Silent Running (BA52)
  7. Way To Go (BA54)
  8. Everytime We Touch (BA54)
  9. Hello (BA53)
  10. Hypnotic (BA54)
  11. Sexy Love (BA55)

This mix was a little bit challenging, but then I dunno if it’s just cuz I’ve been a bit tired?

Just a side note

Checked my old email address which I’ve abandoned for obvious reasons.

Out of 7 emails I have received in the last hour I’ve had 2 loans approved, 2 loans for a low month payment, 2 emails suggesting my bad credit check is ok and a confirmation for somethingorother which I’m really probably not interested in.

I wonder if there’s some kind of karma/feng shui behind the type of spam you get? 😕


Well New Years Eve was a blast! Had a barbie with a few friends around. I’ve gotten addicted to fluffy ducks, and I swear the drink is as good as the name is!

New Years Eve

  • Bacardi
  • Advocaat
  • Cream
  • Lemonade

All through a straw ………mmmmm.

We had my friends boyfriend on the scene who happens to tinker in photography. He got hold of my camera and took some spooky pics. I feel tripped out just looking at them. 😛
I think I look………………..well, drunk 😛 lol.

New Years Eve

Then we saw in the New Year with sparklers, damn SAFM for not counting us down into the New Year, but who cares, we did the sparklers anyway.

Never mind the wrap on my hand. I’m not sure at what point I did this, but I used the streamers to make a combat wrap on my hand. Too bad I didn’t have enough sense to do both hands!

Adam AloneThis next pic I thought look rather cute. I dunno where it came from, but Adam looked so lonely and it’s hilarious when you view it after the previous pic 😛

ok ok, well it was hilarious about 2am this morning when we were viewing the piccies on my camera……….after how many fluffy ducks?

What we were doing while Adam was sitting there so lonely? I have NO idea. Do I care? Not really 😀 We were probably drinking or something. Where’s my fluffy duck?

Surprisingly I didn’t have the slightest traces of a hangover, I think I burnt all the excess alcohol off! Mind you, I slept till 11.30am, and then after Sofie and Denise left I slept again for a few more hours, for no other reason than I was too lazy to stay awake.

I wont even start on the body jam we were trying to do. Note to self: Must invite a body jam instructor next party.

I love having barbies at my house. I swore I was going to continue doing these on a regular basis after my my birthday earlier this year (last year?), but it just never happened. Maybe I should make the most of it while we’ve got good weather!